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Fishing Reports

Fishing Report 24 May 2021

Fishing Report 24 May 2021

Weather for the Week.

After the cold weekend we in for a good weather week right through to the weekend for a change.


Young Wesley went for a short trip yesterday and managed 2 River Snappers and a nice size Pickhandle (we thought they had left the river already but it seems as though some are hanging around). Louis and Caiden were fishing again and finished with 8 species of fish with the smallest been a Russell Snapper about the size of the drop shot they were using, all the fish were caught on a very slow retrieve some days the fish bite on a slow retrieve other days on fast, mix your retrieve up and find out what they are biting on. Willim fishing in the rain on Saturday caught a Malabar Rockcod and a decent size River Bream, Rockcod in the river seem scarce of late.


Not a lot of fish have been caught recently mainly due to the strong side wash in the early part of the week plus there has been some weed in the water. However for those that fished the main catches were small Cob, Spotted Pompano and small sharks. However Christian who was on holiday went to Pelican Island and caught a 58kg Diamond, he was chuffed with that catch as he came up from George to catch a big Diamond. I believe a Garrick and some decent size Cob came out at Boyens. Yesterday while scratching using a 3 hook trace Neil got a double up on Cob one was the smallest he ever caught and the other not much bigger.

Ski boat

We were speaking to a guy who tried to launch his jetski on Sunday morning and they were not successful as he said the mouth itself was very shallow and they had to turn back, they also observed the deepest channel is running north very close to the beach for quite a distance before you can turn out to sea.


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