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Fishing Reports

Fishing Report 10 May 2021

Fishing Report 10 May 2021

Weather for the Week.

Big seas continue in the beginning of the week and as the weather improves towards the weekend the sea settles.


Currently the water level of the lagoon is high and the water is very discoloured after all the rain we had over the weekend however some rats and mice are still feeding. Marius while fishing last week caught a bus of a diamond using a Silago as live bait with a Shad wire trace, the Diamond clocked in at 71kg, rod was a 7Ft Poseidon with a tiny grinder.  They used the boat to chase the fish and after about 45min he landed it on a sand bank using his hands in its mouth which is the correct way to handle flat fish, gaffing will probably kill it due to the wound getting an infection or it gets predated on.


When we fish we often get pecker bites and we wonder what the peckers are, one way to find out is tie a number 5 hook on a short piece of line to your main hook and don’t put bait on it, very often you will catch a baby Snubnose or Longfin Pompano. Gerhard got this one fishing comp on Saturday morning, needless to say it did not count and back to the water it went. Not many fish were caught over the weekend with the biggest fish reported from the main beach was Neil with a Milky of 40cm and Prof with a Blacktip Shark of approximately 15kg

Ski boat

The spin the wheel is now sitting at around 40K as it was not won on Saturday. We have no reports of boats going out however conditions look good for the latter half of the week.

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