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Fishing Reports

Fishing Report 6 April 2021

Fishing Report 06 April 2021

Weather for the Week.

The water temperature is still very high although there are pockets of cold water it is not enough the produce flat fish or good fishing in general. What might work for fishing this week is we will be fishing in a high barometer with tomorrow afternoon having the biggest drop.


A cell phone was left at the river mouth area on Saturday if anyone picked it up can you please drop it off at the shop. The strangest catch of the weekend has to be of not one but 2 fresh water Barbles caught on a Popper by the same angler on both occasions he was hoping to be on a river Snapper but behold and low they were fresh water Barbles. Lots of fish were caught despite the water been so dirty, the Giant Mud Crab or Muddies as they call them in Australia were also caught, please not soon the females will go into “berry” and may not be kept, the females will them go out to sea to spawn come back and moult then start feeding like mad.


Despite the water been very brown towards the back of the weekend Kob making size were caught although a lot of them were undersize and were put back, Pompanos seem to be the most common catch, some guys were picked up by decent size fish but were lost and young Neil on his birthday was one of them but his knot parted ending what would have been a nice fish for his birthday present from the sea. Currently the only bait I have is baby Chokka some bait prawns and the baby Squid, thank you guys for cleaning me out, good news is the truck will be here tomorrow morning.

Ski boat

The Parks Board were checking papers at the main gate and regrettably had to turn 3 boats away due to non-compliance besides checking the boats for compliance been a duty the safety officer of the club actually requested it to be done, the exercise was welcomed by the skippers at the end of the day safety and responsible boating avoids accidents. It is not a nice job at all to deny a boat entry to the park especially for the guys that came from afar. Good news is the Snoek are still about, Greg managed to get out yesterday and despite the rough sea he managed one. On Friday Gawie got a Couta and a Tuna but struggled to get bottoms while Shaun got quite a few bottoms but no game fish, today the sea has calmed down which is typical of the day after a weekend.

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