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Fishing Reports

Fishing Report 23 March 2020

Fishing Report 23 March 2021

Weather for the Week.

After all the wind and rain over the weekend and typically after a long weekend and everybody is at work we going to have a good weather week.


2 uncommon species were caught over the weekend in fact both were yesterday, Chris got a River Gobi and Louis a Conger Eel. Pickhandles are still in the lagoon and are readily taking artificial baits. River Snapper are seemingly elusive however River Bream are feeding like mad and are making the bulk of catches together with small grunter.


Flat fish fishing is blowing hot and cold during the last week with days when not are caught at all. Saturday was the most active day when Honeys, Browns and Duckbills were caught together with some small sandies. Neil had a good session on Saturday by bagging a Stumpy, his first. Banks produced the most flat fish on Saturday but earlier in the week the odd Diamond was caught these fish seem to have given us a miss this year. Young Rudi not been able to get fish here headed for the south coast and got a Sargent Major, after driving all the way for that me thinks we will see him fishing local waters over the weekend.


Ski boat

Frans fishing on Gawie’s boat got his first Couta and a drift bait using a Sardine, they also got a nice Hammer Head and some bottoms, although quite a few boats went out I believe 2 other boats got game fish one been Hillbilly and the other was Meriman on his jet ski he boated a nice Snoek behind the wreck. This week fishing conditions are looking good and Stephan and Peet went out today while we are all working.


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