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Fishing Reports

Fishing Report 15 March 2021

Fishing Report 8 March 2021

Weather for the Week.

We on day 3 of NE winds and nice hot temperatures however this looks like it will change tomorrow bringing some rain in the back part of the week.


It seems as though the big fish had a weekend away however there were a lot of reports of various small fish been caught. Willem caught a baby Eel that was still in its translucent stage a very interesting catch as not many people actually get to see this, thank you for sharing.


At last 2 Diamonds were caught on the main beach yesterday however they were very small 20cm and about 40cm by show of hands, this is very worrying as we do not normally get baby Diamonds here especially at this time of year, towards the back of last year some babies were caught in the lagoon but not from the beach. Shad and Pompano are making the bulk of the catches, the water is still a bit Brown. Boyens during the week has some days when Kob and Shad were boiling, this is a good place to fish and it has a hard car park so you can get to it in a normal car. The sea temperature is still around 26deg we were hoping the NE would have bought the cooler water in.

Ski boat

By know most of heard about the guy having a very nasty accident on the slipway when he fell, please be very careful when loading and unloading and move slowly and make sure you holding onto the boat bakkie or trailer when moving through the mossy area, the Ski boat club and others are having a meeting to explore ways to prevent accidents like that one. On the fishing front far out game fish are been caught and Sarel lost a decent fish last week to a shark at Gerries while bottoms is still producing decent size specimens with Kob up to 8kg been caught.

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