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Fishing Reports

Fishing report 15 February 2021

Fishing Report 15 February 2021

Weather for the Week.

The rain we were meant to have and have right now has not happened although the weather is forecast to be a cloudy one the wind will not be as strong as in the previous weeks which will give us nice cool fishing weather with the surf conditions been good.


Pickhandle Barracuda are still on the bite and the biggest we heard of over the weekend was 59cm or 1.1kg ORI. Most of these fish are been caught on the slow trawl or from the side with a slow retrieve, they tend to be top feeders so if you are using sard as bait use floatation. River Bream and Malabar Rockcod are also taking the lures as are small Brassy Kingfish. When fishing around the stone wall area Pops Duck lost a rod and reel if you foul hook it please drop it off at the shop, there will be a reward and the owner would appreciate it a lot.


I get a lot of calls with regards to fishing  permits to go to the Banks, you do not need permits to drive through the forest and park outside the park to walk to the Banks, all Mondi expect from us is we drive according the information  on the boards at point of entry and when they are working on a compartment when stopped by the safety official we follow their instructions as they will reroute you for your own safety, most of the area has been harvested recently so you should be safe for a good few years. This information I got from a senior manager who has recently moved to town. Fishing has been quiet during the week due to very strong side wash that caught everybody by surprise but it is dropping off now so the sea has become playable. Yesterday some guys fished the Banks and said the water was too clean but no reports of any wash.

Ski boat

Boating was quiet lately but Jannie did managed a Yellow Fin Tuna during the week, we think guys did not really fish over the weekend as we were expecting incumbent weather and of course with perfect conditions we know it is Monday.

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