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Fishing Reports

Fishing report 18 January 2021

Fishing Report 18 January 2021

Weather for the Week.

We having a lot of South wind for this time of year, remember the good old days of counting 3 days of North them planning a trip for Diamonds, well it ain’t going to happen this week.


On Saturday some angles saw a massive school of fish entering the lagoon and been silver in colour they expected a Shad smash however it was a very big shoal of Walla Walla, these are very rare visitors to the estuary and it was nice to hear they paid us a courtesy call, they were not in the river for long before moving out to sea. People often ask how to catch mullet without a net, they can be caught on hooks with bait preferably floating the bait on the surface or just under, a young fella caught one following the chum trail behind the boat with a small piece of squid it turned out the be a Bull Mullet which are not abundant as they used to be , probably because of gill netting but make good bait for big River Snapper talking of which young Wesley lost a monster one next to his boat while trying to land one, he is now in the market for a landing net as he does not gaff due to the fact he releases his big fish he also got some very nice size River Bream during that session all on live bait. Yesterday while Doc was trawling in the river behind his fish ski he hooked into a Snapper Kob again not a common visitor to the Estuarine System, maybe this is because the water is cleaner than normal.


Rats and mice again over the last week and weekend however the big Shad are still been caught together with some nice Snapper Kob, yesterday one of the guys had his Snapper taxed. People are asking all the time ‘Where on the diamonds” well clearly in the sea is not the correct answer so we went looking behind the dunes and guess what? They are not there either. Seriously I think they are following a weather pocket that is not here at the moment and we may have a late season, water conditions temperature etc. seem right for them but seem more elusive than the winter ones. The guys are complaining about their lines getting bittern off way up the line above the casting leaders and yester Prof and Jan Sambriel had 4 bites offs between them with Prof hogging 3 of them and this is Jan’s report “ While watching the lines in the waves we saw that grass was accumulating on the line and not long afterwards they saw a milky come and bite the grass and the line went slack, we think the line is causing vibration and the sharks comes to investigate the vibration and takes a bite of the grass and bites through the line”, on Friday this also happened to Lyle and we could not work out why he was losing so much line so there we have it, baby Milkies and not Shad are biting the line off, any other theories?

Ski boat

At last the Couta are here as from Wednesday every time the guys went hunting for them they have caught them, young Ross skippering Believer on Wednesday got 3 then on Friday he was on another boat and he got 4, a trip Sarel was on were not so lucky they managed one but “wasted” time on 7 Dorado, 2 Sallies and a Marlin hahahahaha. At least from the odd one been caught now bigger catches are been made, the biggest Couta have been caught in green water close in behind the wreck while the others have been caught far out on the trawl between and around the reefs along the line from North Salmon down towards Gerries , Pats and Edwards. Shaun found the elusive Kob and caught a lot of them only and decent size ones in a short time and they were back early, me thinks they caught these close in.

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