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Fishing Reports

Fishing report 28 December2020

Fishing Report 28 December 2020

Weather for the Week.

Thank fully today will be a cool one with little wind. However tomorrow is going to be hot with a very strong NE which should calm the sea down.


Young Wesley got stuck into a nice 4 kg plus River Snapper, a personal best during that same trip he got some nice size Pickhandle Barracuda and big River Bream. A angler was not so lucky after fighting a Diamond for a hr and a half the line parted as they were trying to land it and it swam away, besides Diamonds in the river there have also been small Honeycomb Rays been caught. We coming up to spring tide so there will be plenty of water in the lagoon and fishing in the area of the mouth should be good.


Over the past about 5 days we have not had reports of many big fish been caught which probably can be due the wash reported at various spots and some weed in others or could it be because Willie Jnr over loaded his road and but the top section off much to his annoyance but whatever fish have not been playing ball. Shad and Kob have been about with decent Kob been caught in front of forest lodge. Going back to  Tuesday and Wednesday last week there were 3 reports of decent size non eds been caught Shaun got a Sandy and Jerome got a Honey at the banks and another big Tiger was caught of 383kg by a happy Roland, Chris let Roland take his rod and Roland had to fight it from start to finish.

Ski boat

It seems like not a lot of boats have been out, Action on Nanook hooked into a Marlin and fought it till the side of the boat when the hooks can out and the fish swam away, was good fun all the same as it was not the targeted species, he has boated and released a Marlin some time back also on a Couta rig. Shaun a holiday maker that fishes here so much he almost has residency Status caught a nice Dorrie a few days ago by the look on his face it could be a first, he is a fanatical rock and surf fisherman, let us see how long it will take him to buy a boat. 

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