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Fishing report 21December 2020

Fishing Report 21 December 2020

Weather for the Week.

Today is going to be a belter and the rest of the week will be cooler so we can fish in comfort. There is a little rain forecast for tonight but the remainder of the week looks to be dry.


We had a good laugh in the shop yesterday when 2 guys worked into the shop and said” Morning 2 more Vallies for you”, that is what makes this time of the year so special as everyone is in a jovial mood and having fun. The lagoon fish have all put on weight over the last week as we have fed them with kilos of Prawn, baby Squid and Sardine so you catches will be bigger. The smell of all the bait in the river even attracted a baby Hammerhead into the area near the stone wall, these guys don’t normally come into the lagoon so that was a rare catch, another was a Zebra that was caught, although juvenile Zebras are known to come into estuarine systems they are not a frequent visitor here, something at the stone wall it busting anglers up and whoever catches it will be able to replenish their tackle.


The fish are flying out at the moment, we have not had a good fishing weekend like this for a long time, nice catches of Kob and big Shad are been made as well as plenty of Guitarfish, Brown stingrays , Diamonds , baby hammers and young Chris got 2 Zambies 250kg and 252kg and a fair size Diamond. Unfortunately this time of year we have a lot of incidence of beach driving besides it been illegal you actually get a criminal record together with a fine or even loss of a vehicle especially now this area is in a MPA it is not worth it, please think twice especially if you are using your company bakkie as your boss will not be a happy camper.

Ski boat

At last the first Couta was boated on Friday. Pieter went out the mouth and decided to trawl from the backline heading out to sea, he had Conas out but after nothing was going on with the water been green he stared to head back and changed one Cona for a Raapy on nearing the last big reef near the mouth when it was game and the fight began, nearing the end of the fight he put his gaff on his lap to gaff the fish when a big wave hit the jet ski and the gaff was tossed overboard so he had to fight on , the from hook now straightened leaving one hook suck in the side of its face but the fight continued for about another 15 min, when the fish was nice and tired he maneuvered it to the back of the jet ski and with the help of a wave he pulled the Couta as this was happening the line snapped then the next fight started, one 18kg Couta trying to get to sea and one man trying to stop it so when asked what happened next he replied “I bliksemed like a mad man.” At least the Kob are back as the guys caught decent size Kob over the weekend with some nice Slingers, things are looking up.

From the shop.

We are hosting a tackle talk outside the shop on Wednesday afternoon a 3pm during the talk we will also speak about how to handle various types for fish so you are the animal does not get hurt. Please RSVP for catering purposes.

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