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Fishing Reports

Fishing Report 10 April 2017

Fishing Report 7 April 2017

Weather for the week

Weather looking good for the week ahead long may it last, Thursday afternoon just before the buster comes through, going to be a cracker for fishing if you can get to the beach.


NE swinging to a SW by late morning, when this happens the wind will gust 10Lnts and them drops of by early afternoon. Max temp 27. Barometer starts at 1011 rising slowly through the day to 1013. Wave height 1.8 dropping to 1.6, wave period 9


Starting off with a NE that swings to an ENE, wind gusting to 20kts by late afternoon. Max temp 31. Barometer 1011 dropping through the day to 1005. Wave height 1.6 period 9


Wind starts off as a NE swinging to a SW gusting 27Kts early evening (Baby Buster), max temp 31. Barometer 1004 dropping to 1002 before rising sharply to 1007 at the onset of the SW coming through.


Lagoon fished well in bursts with nice size Snapper Cob being landed to the right of the main car park. The Whole or Bait prawn is proving itself to be as deadly as we thought because the Prawn is the same species as we get in the river and this is what the fish are looking for. We are expecting a delivery of more today.


Although the weather was good fishing was slow and the biggest diamond was caught on a ski boat behind the wreck. There are shad about but very small. From the guys coming into the shop it seemed as though we have hit a flat spot, water colour was good, but the side wash was quiet strong but starting to calm down.

Ski Boat

Not as great out at sea as last weekend, lots of boats went out and it seems our charter caught the most, we were fishing bottoms only and got lots of Square tail Cob and Slinger. Yesterday on our second charter one of the youngsters got stuck into a massive Slinger, the biggest we have seen in ages but as we were boating it, it spat the hook, we were very sad about that and the lad was so sad he got seasick straight after the event but continued to fish on and out fished the anchor man. The week ahead looks good for morning fishing, the sea is starting to colour and should warm up, and over the weekend it was 21deg in the bay.


News from the Shop.

We stocking up for the long weekends and planning for our first “Holiday season”, we sure we got it right so pop in and find out what is doing what why and when .

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