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Fishing Reports

Fishing report 10 November2020

Fishing Report 10 November 2020

Weather for the Week.

This week we have some rain for a few days but the good news is the wave height will increase and the fish should come back on the bite, clean flat seas make fishing very difficult for Ski boat and Rock and Surf.


Fishing seemed to be slow in the lagoon over the weekend for some reason as not real reports of good catches been made however young Ken got a Honey Comb Ray in the Amatikulu River caught on Sand Prawn.


Fishing was very slow over the weekend in most places with reports of a few Shad, Kob and Brown Skate been caught, however one groups on the Banks on Sunday caught 3 Black Tip Sharks, the biggest was 117 kg and 12 Giant Guitar Fish great action at last well done Chris and Mike most of the fish were caught on throw bait with only 1 Sandy and Black Tip caught on Drone. Now the swell is at about 1,5m creating sand movement and bubbles the fish should come back to feed in the surf zone.


Ski boat

Stephan Speed Cop got a fine. He and Louis went out of Richards bay on Saturday and he had to park the bakkie while Louis stayed with the boat, upon their return they saw the trailer was gone, the ski boat club had impounded it as the bakkie was parked in a no parking area as Stefan parked the boat he had to pay the fine much to the amusement of every one who knows he is a traffic cop and should obey signs. Fritz was the skipper of the weekend, he took 2 boats our, Believer and Cum n Over and on both trips caught Dorado  on Believer Gerhard caught his first Dorado and that was the only fish of the day and on Cum N Over Byron (Boat owner) and Hienricht got 4 Dorado each. Kevin Snr and Jnr also got stuck into the Dorado and if my memory serves correct they managed 5 between them. Nanook managed some Tuna and all the boats fishing for bottoms struggled with mainly Slinger been caught with stack of sharks. Johan got an Ell Tail Barbel, a first for him. 

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