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Fishing Reports

Fishing report 6 November2020

Fishing Report 06 November 2020

Weather for the Weekend.

The weather this weekend is not to shabby at all with very small swell.


Summer fish are in the lagoon as we are getting reports of more and more Pickhandle and River Snapper been caught and a good place to get Rays is in the river mouth area in shallow water on the incoming tide which over the weekend starts to come in around lunch time.


When the surf is as small as it is over the weekend it is important to look for what we call is “working water” this is water that has more sand been churned up and has more bubbles, this opens the sea bed for fish to find food and as the water is more oxygenated they become more active. During the week Gerhard and Get caught some very nice size Kob and of course some Sea Rats, the biggest was 73cm and it was caught on a cork trace with chokka only.  Fishing is picking up and this weekend will see a lot of club anglers practising as their league season starts in a few weeks’ time, while you are waiting for a bite watch what they are doing and maybe you can pick up some tips.


Ski boat

Michael went out a few times and said they struggled with sharks but still managed a few Slinger, Sarel went to High point and was also plagued by sharks so they come closer in and around the 80m mark got 2 Dorries, so slowly but surely they are making their way down here, not long now and we can target those species. Believer is out this weekend on its first trip, in fact over the weekend it seems like a massive amount of guys are going out.

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