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Fishing Reports

Fishing report 23 October 2020

Fishing Report 23 October 2020

Weather for the Weekend.

Hot and windy with a window early Sunday morning before the wind changes direction.


During the past week fishing was good and active with a lot of fish caught, one Angler bagged 3 River Snapper of a decent size and the following day his son got a Diamond of just over a meter, this kept the lad busy for quite a while, they managed to manoeuvre the Diamond to the side where they unhooked it took a pic and released it into the water. Anglers are reporting they are getting some decent pulls fishing in the main car park but aren’t succeeding to set the hooks, we think the reason is that the hooks are too small so if this is happening to you go to a 2/0 hook  and a bigger bait, tight lines.


Yet another unusual catch was made in our local waters this time it was a Concertina fish and not a bad size at all, these fish are normally caught in this area from Ski Boats but are known to come into shallow waters even into estuaries. Chaps there are a lot of baby Shad attacking bait after bait please lob them back, however the Snapper Kob are feeding in those same spots but so are the baby Spinners, Milkies and Hammers. Please clean up before you leave or you will be asked to do so and remember driving on the beach is not just a fine, you also get a criminal record so is it worth it.


Ski boat

The shore fishing has picked up so let’s hope that happens out at sea, Sunday morning looks the better day but the period is short and the barometer is very low. Please don’t forget tomorrow is the AGM at the club starting at 10am followed by a bring and braai.

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