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Fishing Reports

Fishing Report 19 October 2020

Fishing Report 16 October 2020

Weather for the Week.

Nice and windy the weatherman says however both Saturday and Sunday morning if you up and about nice and early you will have a good 3-4hr fishing window.


Good news is that the water in the lagoon is starting to get cleaner, you can see the rocks in front of the stone wall. We fished the lagoon yesterday and caught some bits and bobs, one of the fish a Silago swallowed a hook so we should the children that were with us how to cut the line off as deep as possible, when we released it the kids were horrified it was floating upside down so I showed them buy holding the fish gently and forcing water over its gills it will regain its strength and swim away which it did much to their delight. The fishing has picked up again and the crowd fishing at the lagoon car park this morning had some good strong runs but could not set the hook so we had no idea what it was.


 Over the weekend I managed to get the picture of the Ribontail Ray which I will use today, they are not common to this area at all Shaun Dafel got this one and he said previously the most further North they occur was in the Durban Basin, well done young man it is certainly a catch of a life time. On the surf side  lots of small Shad were caught this morning and over the weekend some Kob were caught during the day, the Spinner Sharks are getting bigger so at least you get a bit of a fight when hooking them. A big fish was last off the main beach over the weekend, the braid parted. Here are some tips when fishing using braid off a sandy beach like ours, try fishing with a longer than normal leader as most of the fish lost are when the braid is being pulled though the lip behind the shore break and it gets frayed or cut off, another tip is get as high as possible and away from the water edge and get someone else to tail your fish and by using a Nylon leader you can use the stretch in the nylon to minimise losing the fish. At Doggie beach Rudi got his butt smacked by Michelle and the boys they all caught a something but Dad blanked.



Ski boat

Not a good weekend for  fishing although Sunday morning was good to go out the fish were not biting among 3 vessels 7 fish were caught, Johan had 5 and Louis 2 , Willie got none but plenty of sharks and Barbells. The wind came through earlier than expected and Willie and Johan sat out at sea for nearly a hr after Louis came in waiting for water as Louis who came in before them on his Jet Ski had to push twice  and today being Monday the guys fishing on the beach caught a lot of fish, typical.

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