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Fishing Reports

Fishing Report 16 October 2020

Fishing Report 16 October 2020

Weather for the Week.

Nice and windy the weatherman says however both Saturday and Sunday morning if you up and about nice and early you will have a good 3-4hr fishing window.


The lagoon is still very muddy but with the Spring Tide over the weekend it should push a lot more clean water in. Good news is that the road to the main beach car park and slipway is now fixed. Whilst fishing has been slow there are at least biting and for those who are camping can still fish into the night, try get Mullet for live bait and wait for a Kob.


 Justin decided to go fishing yesterday and headed for New Mouth and got there at about 4 (they were the only ones there) when the sun came up he realized why the water was filthy so he and Karen headed South to Emboyeni Beach that was full of reeds and debris as the Amatikulu mouth had opened so they ended traveling north to look for a spot to fish and they ended back at New Mouth, 184km later all they had to show for the whole trip was a Lessor. The good news is the water colour is improving after the rain and wind we have been having. A tiny Baby Honeycomb Ray was caught earlier in the week, let us hope his big brothers are also on the way, Snapper are back on the bite but so are the Shad, please do the right thing and put them back.



Ski boat

Besides the slipway road now complete there is nothing to report and the weather does not look good for boating over the weekend, so far we know of 1 Jet Ski planning to go out on Sunday morning.

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