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Fishing Reports

Fishing Report 7 April 2017

Weather for the weekend.

Weather looking good for the weekend.


 W swinging to a SE then NE by the evening starts off gusting 10 then drops right down during the day Max temp 27. Barometer 1017 dropping by late afternoon to 1015 then raises slowly into the evening Wave Height 2.4 settling down at 1.8 P11 changing to P8 for the bulk of the day.


NE swinging to a E hen back to NE gusting 12at midday before dropping off again during the afternoon, Max Temp 28 Barometer 1017 dropping to 1014, Wave height 1.6 P 8. Best day of the weekend for fishing.


Same as yesterday NE swinging to E Then NE gusting 18 by late afternoon, Max temp 29. Barometer 1016 dropping to 1013 early afternoon before rising again. Wave Height 1.6 P 9



The river came alive on Monday evening with nice size River Snapper caught at 3 different locations, the most were caught at the Steel Bridge area. Come Tuesday when we had a night river charter the river was dead, we moved all over the place and only managed a massive crab (Scalia, I think that is how it is spelt). Tides are looking good for the Lagoon and we have whole Bait Prawn in stock, the same species as found in the river, this is our deadliest Lagoon bait after live bait. A Chap was trawling behind his fish ski when he got a hookup, before he could get the rod out of the holder the rod snapped below the reel and was lost, if anyone catches the rod and reel please hand it in at the shop.


So far the fish of the month is a nice size Southern Pompano, the biggest I have seen for ages, caught in front of the Siyayi. There is still Shad about but they are not far out, they feeding in the shore break zone and if our local Shad expert is using bungs so should you. The Shad are decent size although there are stacks of small ones stay were you are and persevere. Water color is looking good, weather good. We still got small Mac’s in stock the Shad are loving them.


Ski Boat

Very slow fishing this week after the excitement of last weekend, however fish need to eat and with the weather the way it is looking tomorrow is going to be a good day. Some decent bottoms and the odd game fish were boated so the boats did come back with something but catching your quota was hard work, maybe it had something to do with the moon, who knows because conditions looked good. The tides are slowly coming back for river launching early in the morning, you must be up in the stone wall area before first light to take advantage of the water.


News from the Shop.

We did a fish rotation this week so we have new friends for the kids to come and look at. We took delivery of Whole or Bait prawn, the same species we get in the lagoon, this stuff is deadly, it is more expensive than the Pink Prawn Tail and the Red Bait Prawn but well worth it.

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