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Fishing Reports

Fishing Report 5 October 2020

Fishing Report 5 October 2020

Weather for the Week.

The weather during the week is not too bad for fishing as is the surf conditions from the beach.


The lagoon water is very muddy at the moment and the best spots to fish will be up at the mouth probably on the incoming tide, the water should start becoming cleaner as we move into the week. For the campers now that the caravan park is open you can night fish meaning you can have a go at the big Grunter and Kob.


Great news, the Siyayi River opened up yesterday morning and so far there are no dead fish on the beach but a lot of river debris are washing up on the beach this should last a few more tides. Camping is open again and therefore if you are camping you can night fish day visitors must still be out by 5pm from this part of the park. Some anglers did have a go at fishing over the weekend and I am told a fish was caught in front of the Chalets, no detail on the species but it was a fish none the less and not a shark.


Ski boat

The road to the slipway is still closed and all the rain has not helped we are waiting for some gravel to be delivered to finish the road off, you can launch from the main car park. The Siyayi River is open but getting a boat through at the moment is going to be very difficult as the sand banks on either side is very steep and driving through the mouth of the river at low tide might not be an option because of the soft sand.

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