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Fishing Reports

Fishing Report 28 September 2020

Fishing Report 28 September 2020

Weather for the Week.

“It’s raining its pouring the old man is snoring” and so the rain will continue into the week, however as the fish are already wet they will still need food so those die hards can fish away.


Some nice reports of fish been caught over the weekend was great news particularly were reports of Pickhandle Barracuda and some of them were a pretty decent size, summer fish are defiantly on the way. Some guys fished for Barbel and Tilapia in the Siyayi River next to the forest lodge, they got several barbell (one of 6.5kg) and about 30 Tilapia, and they saw them from the bridge when coming back from the beach and decided to have a go at them, why not. Some monster Bass were caught at the Goedertrow Dam outside Eshowe over the weekend, it is nice to see it is still one of the best Bass fishing dams in the country.


Here go again late last week another rare visitor to our waters was caught in the Emboyeni area, a Ribbon tale Ray of 81kg using the ORI calculation however it looked to be around the 100kg as confirmed by ORI, what a great catch. During the weekend quite a few size Kob came out during the day as well as some nice Shad however a lot of anglers had to be content with nothing or Lessor Sand Sharks and Spinner Sharks. Shaun got a very nice Catface Rockcod off main beach of 5.5kg, this a big fish from the side as the Rockcod’s are usually a bit smaller when caught in the surf zone. The surf at the moment is a bit upside-down as the periods are very close and it seems as the waves are coming in all directions.


Ski boat

On Saturday I went down to the beach with a trailer to help bring a boat off the beach what has happened the parks board have put branches on the beach to trap the sand right as far as where the bathers sit, now instead of driving up the ramp at an angle behind the bathers you have to drive amongst the bathers and turn 90deg to go up the ramp ad losing momentum at the bottom of the ramp means you won’t make it to the top as the sand is soft and the ramp is steep, I think we will have to sort this out somehow. On the fishing front it has been slow for the past few days and I believe on Saturday 2 jet skis went out and Merryman managed a big Yellowbelly Rockcod. Most of the fish were small and released, on Wednesday I think on Stefan’s boat between 3 of them they managed about 5 fish however things will turn as we move towards summer.

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