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Fishing Reports

Fishing Report 3 April 2017

Weather for the week.

Morning fishing looks good for most of the week for both Rock and Surf and Ski Boat afternoon sessions will be tough but who knows how the weather will actually pan out.


According to the weather we should be sitting with a NE gusting 8knts, now at 6.30 am dead calm, long may it last as by Lunch time the wind will swing to SW gusting 21, Max temp 29. Barometer rising from 1010 to 1018, wave height 1.6m dropping to 1.3m P 9 going to 12.


Day starts off with a gentle NE swinging slowly through the day to an ENE gusting 21knts by late afternoon, Max Temp 33 Barometer starts the day at 1011 dropping gradually to 1007, Wave Height 1.6m wave period 8 going to 11.


NE again early in the morning swinging by lunch time to ENE Gusting 21knts by then. Max temp 33, Barometer 1011 dropping to 1007 Wave Height 1.6 period 8 to 11.


At this stage looking not very good with a Strong SW early in the morning brining rain with it. Max temp 23 Barometer 1013 rising to 1020 Wave Height 2.3m rising to2.5M Period 13 dripping to 8.



Kiddies comp ( the first of the year) was a great success with the highlight of the day was a first time angler landed a nice Honey Comb ray of 30cm, gave him gears on very light tackle, it was safely released much to the joy of the anglers. We caught Spotted Grunter, Javelin Grunter, River Bream, Silago (Banana Fish) and the Honey. A Massive shark was spotted in the mouth, according to the piolet who flew over the mouth it was as big as a car, this was while the boats were launching out the mouth, the guys who were on the bank saw the fin but not the whole animal. Lots of people come into the shop and say they are not catching fish in the Lagoon, one of the observation I am making is that they casting too far, think like a fish one of the things you don’t want to do is chill on a sand bank at low tide, and there are fish eagles and plenty. Fish about 5-8m from the side as the main carpark and slipway area is on a bend and the channel runs close to the side, throwing over the channel puts you on a sandbank, at night different story.


After the monster shad run from Wednesday to Friday the weekend was very disappointing with mainly rats, mice and baby shad been caught, while the Shad were here for a few days at the back end of last week, there was a big number of Shad of over 2kg’s caught which is unusual for this time of the year? Still I believe they are about and maybe one has to move about to find them, Doggies was like a Taxi rank yesterday but produced 2 small Shad and a baby Grey. Morning sessions this week are looking good, go for it.



Ski Boat

Over 50 Couta caught this weekend made a great weekend fishing, amongst the Couta were also Tuna and various bottom fish, 109 anglers took part. I believe Jamlute boated the biggest fish, last June the same skipper got one of 34kg when all and sundry had packed up there Couta gear he was still targeting them. Some holiday makers came into the shop looking for co-ords I had none on me so showed them on the map to go to the wreck and fish between there and the light house, not to deep but good for bottoms. They trawled from the mouth to the wreck and boated a 14KG Tuna before they got to the wreck, got some bottoms and were home by 9 , how is that for a result, they are back there this morning before heading across to Yellow rope and working their way down to Pats.

News from the Shop.

Our fish are becoming habituated and are all now feeding well, a big draw card to our shop by our junior citizens, they sit on the floor and watch them quiet nice to see. The fish are fed on a diet of Pink Prawn Tails at the moment. We still building our range and welcome suggests of what to add. We seem to have got it right as 99% of the time we have what anglers are looking for in all facets of angling in our local waters.


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