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Fishing Reports

Fishing Report 24 August 2020

Fishing Report 24 August 2020

Weather for the Week.

Apart from Tuesday we in for another cool week with South wind on most days and over caste.


Fishing was great over the weekend and some very big grunter were caught, I am waiting on permission to use a photo of a Spotted Grunter that looks to be over 2kg. The Bream were very active chasing Lures and the 2 guys reporting this also had some great action, they were using diving lures, stick bait and poppers.


The side wash hung around over the weekend makes fishing rather difficult together with sticks in the Doggies main beach area and some weed at the banks however despite all these challenges some Shad and Rockcod were caught with some Lessors at main beach and Banks, the Shad at the banks last night were not very big at all they were making size but none of them in the 3-5 kg range. We expect the wash to continue during the week but conditions should stay fishable. An angler has just come off main beach and says there is still abit of a wash, he caught a Lessor and a small Kob, no weed but still some sticks in the surf. The Sea Lice have just moulted and are nice and big.


Ski boat

Good news is the channel in the mouth has got wider and deeper, there are a lot of logs in the vicinity of the mouth please keep a look out for them. Gawie got a very big Rubber lips and some small Kob, Singer, Morph Grunter and Rockcod (lots) with a decent size Barbels to keep everyone on their toes. Dominique boated a Speckled Snapper of around 2 kg, Gert and his crew caught a Black Tail, Big Eye Stumpy and some Kob and Slinger. Whilst fishing was not great they were there.

The Ski Boat club is opening on Wednesday afternoon a 4pm and the Rock and Surf Anglers and the Rubber Duck club will be braaing, probably in the Lapa area join in.

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