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Fishing Reports

Fishing Report 14 August 2020

Fishing Report 14 August 2020

Weather for the Weekend.

Today and tomorrow or the best 2 days especially tomorrow afternoon before the bust comes through will be good fishing times however Sunday a cold front comes through making fishing rather tricky.


During the week repairs were made to the bridge on the walk along the river that takes you to the river mouth so you are not tide depended. The water is still clean and Shad are still in the river, I took delivery today of IQF Sardines packed in packs of 6 so there is no need to take 1Kg boxes with you and wasting half the bait. The big river Bream are still been caught, here is another picture of how to handle a fish when you are going to release it, this one was caught by young Chandre from the shop, so as you can see she can catch fish.


Spinners a plenty however some Hound Sharks and little Hammers are also been landed, Jan Sambriel found himself on the wrong end of a big shark but before it could be identified it “tail smacked him” and broke off so the big sharks seem to be back and in the surf. Kob are still been caught early morning and late afternoon but the Garrick have been quiet for a few days now.


Ski boat

Let’s hope with the big seas coming next week the river mouth widens and gets deeper….dream on I hear you say but we can only live and hope as many depend on it to launch and return as beach launching requires a fair bit of PT but as least we have a big area to launch from now.

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