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Fishing Report 7 August 2020

Fishing Report 7 August 2020

Weather for the Weekend.

It is going to be a windy one with a fishing gap on  Sunday morning, the weather was looking good for Monday up until yesterday but that seems to change, Sunday will be a very hot day with a buster coming through late afternoon, not going to be fun getting caught outside in that.


When walking around on the walk ways or trails , even in the fishing spots you will come across pretty stones that the kids have decorated, these are called “Zini Rocks” now Zini Rocks are left behind in “hiding places” and the idea of finding them is you must move them from where they are to another spot about 1m away and put down so they can be found again, they get very upset if you do not move them and more so if you take them home, going Zini Rocking is fun for the whole family and why not make some at home and bring them with you to add to the family. Not a lot of fishing has been going on last week because of the weather however young Mark messing around with a lure caught a nice big River Bream, it was an old fella with big round teeth, he released it as it is good brood stock especially as it survived so long.


One of our most sort after winter fish the Garrick have started to be caught in bigger numbers and this will last for a few months however as I believe these fish migrate here to span may we should follow the example of some of the local lads and release them, while fishing for them the big Shad and occasional Kob are been caught. Diamonds are now been caught in bigger numbers in the mouth area and it is this time of year they start making an appearance although they are mainly caught here captures for the next few months can be sporadic however we are planning to start targeting Zambies earlier this year than we did last year as we believe they will follow the Diamonds and come closer to shore. Spinners are still here and can be a “pest” taking the live bait however I am a firm believer in that when you are catching Spinners you are in the feeding zone so keep going eventually a fish must take your bait before spinners do.


Ski boat

If anyone is up at the mouth over the weekend can they please report what it looks like as some guys are planning to go out on Monday, the last reports we had was on Monday earlier this week and that was it is very shallow and pulling back hard on the outgoing tide.


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