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Fishing Reports

Fishing Report 31 July 2020

Fishing Report 31 July 2020

Weather for the Weekend.

The weather going into the weekend and during the weekend is good for fishing with the surf below 2m however it turns for the worst on Sunday afternoon. The sea has good colour for deep sea but surf fishing will be slow.


The water in the lagoon is still very clean despite having 30 cm of rain on Monday, so species fishing should be fun as more types of fish that a not very comfortable coming into the lagoon do so now. We have some new artificial lures that make a noise on and in the water, the Bass fishermen are using them in the lagoon with great success so I decided to get some stock. Some very nice River Snapper have been landed again so me thinks they are not getting caught in gill nets at least for now.


Chaps there is a control point going into the main car park area of the beach, the Rangers are manning that check point and are checking for compliance, but really fellow anglers why, why, why is it necessary to be rude to them, who do you think you are? It takes nothing to be polite and assist them, they are human beings and deserve to be treated with respect, when I found out this was happening this morning I was shocked, I suggested rude people be turned away.

On the fishing front some very nice Kob have been caught as well as some big Shad but those spots have become dangerous to fish at for the short term I would stay away from the area of The Banks all the way to Emboyeni due to local unrest, Mondi have cleared all their staff and contractors away from this area particular at Red Boom.


Ski boat

Fishing over the weekend especially on Saturday and Sunday morning will be good as the swell will be down from today. Please note the channel in the mouth is very narrow making turning very difficult, even the jet skis are not having it so easy. Fishing was slow during the week but catches were made of some good size bottoms.

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