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Fishing Report 27 July 2020

Fishing Report 27 July  2020

Weather for the Week.

Apart from today’s rain the weather is not looking bad for the rest of the week, with Wednesday and Thursday been good fishing days, Tuesday will be a bit unsettled.


At last we are having some rain and it will properly lead to the river going back to its normal colour after been so clean the last few weeks and this could be an end of the Shad run we had. An Angler over the weekend got a bit of a fright when the Thorn or Tiger fish he was reeling in was taken by quiet a big Diamond right near the bank, who says these fish don’t make good live bait, a few Diamonds have been caught on artificial lures recently adding to a list of fish that can be caught on them. A very big River Snapper was also caught meaning they are still here, we did see some decent size ones from the boat on Friday heading towards the N2 bridge as the water was clean we could see them under branches.


The Beaches are now open to angling with a very big BUT you have to be in position of an angling licence and you must go directly to your spot to fish, in your tackle box you must have a little bottle of sanitizer. A family may fish as a group provided all members have a valid fishing licence the rest of us must social distance not that that will be a problem as there is plenty of space, yesterday the was a couple fishing with 2 small children and they were told to leave the kids at home next time, I think this has to do with gazette no 42410 d/d 3 June 2020. The park is open from 6am to 3pm for fishing at the lagoon and main beaches.


Ski boat

Snoek were caught close in on Friday and I am sure the boats that were fishing close in around the Glenton Reef area. Merriman got a nice big Catface Rockcod which he released and a rare visitor a Striped Grunter another rare catch Merrimen had was a White Edge Rockcod it seems like it was his weekend., these Grunter tend to live on the reefs and are one of the only species of grunter that do not visit the estuarine system as they have a very low tolerance of the salinity in the water. The mouth and area leading up to it is getting very shallow especially as we are going into neap tide and more and more boats are returning on the beach, all good so far however the snag is the ramp and beach itself is very soft even the rock robbers mentioned this maybe over time the vehicles will compact the sand on the ramp, Ross mentioned to me how he and Greg struggled to get off the beach because the ramp was so soft.

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