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Fishing Report 13 July 2020

Fishing Report 13 July  2020

Weather for the Week.

Not looking good we are facing big seas again for most of the week with nice strong wind, temperatures are not looking that great so wrap up and stay warm.


I think for the next week lagoon fishing will be the way forward as there are places you can hide from the wind and fish in relative comfort. A Garrick was caught at the river mouth on Friday and a very big Diamond was hooked but on light tackle and bust off, a short while later one of the guys netting Mullet stood on it and got a fright of his life, the diamond was hooked on a live bait between the stone wall and the river mouth. Garrick do come into that area of the mouth so it is worth putting a live bait out for them. Shad have been caught as far as the main car park and even the steel bridge, when you get your hooks bitten off it is probably them as Pickhandle Barracuda have not been caught for a while.


The beaches are still closed to fishing, we think they might open in level 2 at best or level 1. This is a government directive and not a Parks Board directive they are merely enforcing the law as they are required to. Parks are now open for exercise so may the beaches will be next.

Fishing has been slow due to incumbent weather however I here from guys that fished last night Kob were caught and in some area Milkies and small Spinner Sharks. Going forward to this week we see the swell rising again which will make fishing tough and with the Kob and big Shad about will be worthwhile , don’t discount fishing for Garrick at the river mouth, this area is not as effected by side wash as most of the beaches might be.

Here is another tip I picked up during the week with regards to looking after your reel between services especially if you wading, for Grinders even those been used on Ski Boats when you get home take the spool off and dunk it in fresh water and shake it out a bit and leave it to dry in a well-ventilated area. Submerge the reel in fresh water and give the handle a few turns and set aside to dry, the biggest injuries these reels get is shaft corrosion and what I call the centre bearing rusting and jamming, with multipliers although they seem better sealed they do take in saltwater but not to the same extent, submerge them in fresh water and give them a few spins and set aside to dry. If you not going to use the reel for a long period of time open them and grease and oil them.



Ski boat

Boela seemed to be the only one that went  out on Friday he was not out long and managed a few Kob however when he came back he had to sit on the sand bank in the mouth area to wait for water so he could come in, the mouth is very shallow at the moment. Fishing this week looks like a bad idea with massive seas and strong winds, however at the moment fishing at the back end of the week may be a option.

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