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Fishing Reports

Fishing Report 3 July 2020

Fishing Report 03 July March 2020

Weather for the Weekend.

Today and Sunday we have swells under 2m however Saturday sees some big seas with waves over 2.5m. The weather is fairly warm with a max temp of 25 on Saturday. High tide is in the middle of the day.


With the high tide been in the middle of the day morning sessions are forecast to be the most productive. The river is very clean at the moment and some folk attribute that to the slow action on the river. Slow trawled or retrieved lures seem to be the favored tactic as is live bait. There is a variety of fish to target in the lagoon so try think what they are feeding on and where, then target them for example Spotted Grunter like to feed on crustacean normally they hunt for them on sandbanks especially on the incoming tides, try using a small crab as bait or bait prawns.


The beaches are still closed to fishing, we think they might open in level 2 at best or level 1. Before lock up we had very clean spots to fish with anglers taking there rubbish home but since lock up the amount of rubbish lying on the beaches beggars belief what is wrong with people why can they not tidy up after themselves, why must other anglers call you back to clean up your mess, if you chucked your stuff around your garden or house your mother will slap you silly, treat the beach life your home, rubbish kills animals period beside it being unsightly it also shows disrespect to other uses of the beach, my rant is now over. The side wash has subsided and the few guys that fished yesterday for the first time this week managed some bits and bobs with nothing to write home about.

Ski boat

In spite of the big seas 2 guys made a trip to St Lucia on Wednesday and caught a lot of small Couta, Snoek, Tuna and a baby Dorado and a visit from the tax man. Most of the fish caught were on fresh Red Eye Sardine and Mackerel as drift bait. Today and Sunday swell wise is looking okay to go out especially now the current has slowed down however it will be choppy out there, I know guys are looking to go on Sunday the swell is down with little wind, it is also full moon spring so there should be enough water in the mouth for a very early launch coming back in the afternoon.

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