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Fishing Reports

Fishing Report 29 June 2020

Fishing Report 26 June 2020

The surf looks like it is going to be over 2 metres till Wednesday then it drops to 1.4 on Thursday. Monday and Tuesday are cool days but Wednesday and Thursday are nice and warm around 25 deg. Tuesday looks like a windy day and the others days are fine and fishable.


The water from the sea for about 1km inland is very clean making navigation in that area very easy and the hole at the stone wall was measured at 3.9m. Another Diamond was caught trawling little Rapies although it was small it still kept the angler busy for a long time. It is the time of the year when Brindle Bass are coming into the river, please guys if you hook one don’t land it and pose with it as you are incriminating yourself these are a NO catch species period these are 2 boards up in the park providing this information.


Some nice catches of Kob and Shad were made over the weekend, we did have some visitors from inland who also got into the action and landed a nice size Kob from the photo I estimate it to have been around 4kg. I have not heard of any Garrick been caught although there were some guys fishing for them on both the north and south bank of the river yesterday however on Friday a Garrick and a nice size Diamond were caught, there are Spinners , Hound sharks and Barbels to keep you busy while waiting for your Kob. There was nearly a serious altercation at one of the fishing spots between walking anglers and 2 vehicles that decided that they would drive north from Amatikulu towards Mtunzini chaps this is so uncool as you behaviour will result in more patrols taking place and could even end up having the sections of the beach closed to angling and thus spoiling this for the law abiding anglers and your self should you wish to return to the area at a later stage, why must you drive on the beach there are tracks available to test your driving skills and the beach is not one.

Ski boat

The log on the north bank at the mouth is now part of a sand bank as the mouth has shifted a bit south, the channel itself is very narrow and makes turning very tricky. Some guys went out over the weekend as the weather did not quiet pan out as expected, there were reports of snoek seen but they did not want to feed as ell as pockets of resonable size Bonnies and they also seemed full. Further out at high point Action reports Nanook caught some Tuna but no other game fish. Nice catches of bottoms were reported with good size Kob and Slinger.

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