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Fishing Reports

Fishing Report 19 June 2020

Fishing Report 19 June 2020

At last we will have a break in the weather and it will be a bit warmer, we Zululand people do not perform well when the weather drops below 20, Saturday and Sunday will see a high of 24 so we can move freely about.


Marius and Sarel are down on the lagoon at the moment and are getting stuck into the Pickhandle Barracuda, River Bream and River Snapper they are slow trawling as Sarel is probably giving Marius Couta catching lessons hahahaha. We have dark moon spring this weekend so we are expecting the fish to be on the bite due to a lot of water movement. Although high tide is in the afternoon  getting onto the water early will be the best time as the river will still be full at 6 am and will really empty out around 10am as most of the river is about 2 hours hrs behind the see tide.


The main beach is still closed to fishing and it will only open when all beaches are fully open as it stands now you cannot walk across the beach to get to the water’s edge. Fishing this week has been non-existent in such as the weather has no played its part, young Mark fished on Wednesday during the break in rain and bought his bait back with a note attached, “great at presentation better luck next time”. He reported no side wash or weed. This weekend we wave a calm sea and reasonably warm weather and the main fish been targeted is Kob by sounds of things, due to the shortage of Chokka good baits are Mullet and Shad fillet.

Ski boat

Launching from the river and beach will be open soon, the ski boat club is busy sorting the protocols out with the parks board , please be patient but I am quiet confident it will be done in time to be able to launch tomorrow and Sunday. The weather is looking good for a going out and it seems that bottoms are on the target list, although Nick got some Couta at High point last weekend don’t discount them and Tuna if you fishing in the bay. I am waiting for a report on the conditions at the mouth to try give some idea of what to expect when you get there, during the neap tide it was very shallow with 2 channels running out. 

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