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Fishing Reports

Fishing Report 8 June 2020

Fishing Report 08 June 2020

The weather this week is good for fishing as we have nice hot days with North winds blowing this is likely to change on Thursday afternoon with a cold front expected over the weekend.


Good news is the lagoon is open to fishing but not braaing and you may launch your boats. The park is open from 6am to 3pm and screening will take place you are allowed a maximum of 3 people per vehicle, if you are a 4 people family leaving your wife at home is not the correct option, take 2 cars. The fishing has been good over the lockdown period with Pickhandles taking live bait and River Snapper. The park continued with their ant poaching activity’s with some patrols retrieving a lot of nets and others the odd one so the pressure seems to be working however we still need the public to report nets for the rangers to retrieve, it is safer if they do it also records are kept of all dead fish and alive fish as well as net length etc.


The main beach and Doggies beach is still closed to fishing for the time being however there are other beaches nearby that are open to fishing and Port Dunford seems very popular. The winter fish are on the menu especially Kob please guys no matter how tempting please only keep 1. Good size Shad catches are also been made. The Spinners have been back in action and I have been asked to assist with a research program by a NGO called Wild Oceans, they are an international organization, what Geremy would like assistance with is capture data i.e. how many caught on the trip, the size and a photo of the umbilical scar situated on the main line between the 2 pectoral fins. He is planning a few trips up here to collect data himself and for those who are interested in the shark research project are welcome to join us for a fishing session. Now for Mtunzini’ s worst kept secret, a GT of about 26kg was caught on a live Shad while targeting Garrick/Leervis in our local waters. The Garrick are here and the best place to catch them is Port Dunford, I am not sure about Amatikulu as the mouth has closed again.

Ski boat

Launching to sea from the park itself is closed as the moment however I am sure things may change soon. There have been good reports of Couta and game fish at high point and Snoek been caught in the area behind the wreck.  At low tide the mouth area is getting very sanded up and by looks of the photos there are 2 channels with a bank in the middle, take care when going out.

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