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Fishing report 13 March 2020

Fishing Report 13 March 2020

Weather for the weekend.


E gusting 12 with a max of 29, partly cloudy with a max of 29. Wave height 1.6 period 10 barometer 1011-1008.

High Tide 06.09 Low ----


NE gusting 15 before swinging in the afternoon to a E gusting 20. Partly cloudy with a max of 36. Wave height 1.6 period 10 barometer 1009-1005.

High Tide 06.44 Low 00.25.


SW gusting 6 peaking at 12 in the afternoon. Partly cloudy with a max of 27. Wave height 1.6 period 10 barometer 1009-1008..

High Tide 03.06 Low 09.12.


Just when we thought the Pickhandles had gone to sea they were found up river near the N@ feasting away so they are still here however fishing the stone Wall area has quieted down after the spring, maybe lagoon fish prefer warm water. Last night a Sharp Tooth Barbel was caught in the lagoon, this guys is defiantly not good at map reading (The Afrikaans guys have a great word for this Rigting Be…) fishing in the lagoon seems to be a bit hit and miss.


Zululand are fishing common venue over the weekend from Doggie beach to the banks, with the weather conditions being favorable and the fish that have been coming out recently should the guys get onto the fish some serious points can me scored. Chris managed 3 Zambies and Mike B fishing with him landed 1 and dropped 2, one of which took him like a steam train. Some nice size Sandies have been caught at Emboyeni however we think they are on the beach as the Seal Lice and Ghost crabs have disappeared. For the edibles some Big Shad 40 cm plus have been caught as well as Snapper Kob and Pompanos however the small Shad are often first to the bait. The main beach is very flat but has a very deep gully between the shore Break and mid break after the midbreak too back line is very shallow wade the gully wand walk to the back line and you are casting like at the banks into deep water.


Ski Boat

Weather conditions are looking good ahead ad with high tide been around 6,30 over the weekend makes launching a bit easier and a return at about 10.30 achievable, I am told the mouth is deep and the launch is straight out. There still seems a lot of Sprats in the bay and the birds seem quiet but who knows things change very quickly, Pieter is going out tomorrow to try improve on his 33kg Couta.

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