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Fishing Reports

Fishing Report 6 March 2020

Fishing Report 6 March 2020

Weather for the weekend.


NE gusting 4 first thing before swinging to a E gusting 13 in the afternoon. Partly cloudy with a max of 27. Wave height 1.1 period 9 barometer 1017-1015.

High Tide 01.41 Low 07.47

NE gusting 10 before swinging to a NNE gusting 19 late afternoon. Sunny with a max of 29. Wave height 1.2-1.5 period 9 barometer 1017-1013.

High Tide 02.27 Low 08.32.


NE gusting 21 dropping to 17 during the afternoon. Sunny with a max of 32. Wave height 1.5 period 9 barometer 1012-1007.

High Tide 03.06 Low 09.12.


On Tuesday we went to test a boat on the lagoon and headed up to the stone wall area, when we got up there, there were bait smashes going on and we had no rods with us the Pickhandles were having a field day. The swimming prawns are big enough to use as a bait and can be caught by hand in muddy areas by walking in a tight circle to stir the mud up and they settle in the muddy area now you must be brave as you need to feel for them, great fun, you need to have a license to catch them it is no 9 on the fishing license, no 11 refers to a Drag net but not sure how one can get a permit for a drag net.


No Big sharks were landed during the week however the surfers reported seeing big shadows in the water so they are still there however diamonds were caught daily yesterday saw 3 on the main beach alone hooked on Shad rigs with Sard bait, there were guys fishing Shangri La beach last night and they must have got some as the water has cooled down a lot. The Shad are much bigger now with catches of over 40cm become more common but very few Milkies and hound sharks are been caught which is unusual for this time of year, the Kob in the surf are in the main undersize please remember the 60cm rule and 1 per angler. The permit issue for The Banks is being finalized and we will have more news on that later in the week. The guy that broke into the bakkie at the Banks is known to the police and is on the run so to speak. We have very good fishing conditions over the weekend the best it has been for a while.


Ski Boat

Weather and surf conditions are looking good for fishing this weekend, the guys that went out caught some nice Kob but no game fish, Gita on Wit Oliphant managed to nice Kob slightly bigger than the rest of around 4kg each. A lot of the local boats are at Cape Vidal fishing the Cape to Rio and will have 2 fishable days, the last few years they managed to fish only on one day.

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