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Fishing Report 14 February 2020

Fishing Report 14 February 2020

Happy Valentine’s Day to all big and small.

Weather for the weekend.


SW gusting 7 first thing picking up to 14 briefly early in the afternoon then settles to gusting at 8. Sunny with a max of 30. Wave height 1.6 period 10 barometer 1005-1008.

High Tide 07.14 Low Tide 00.51.


NE gusting 4 before swinging to an E gusting 20 in the afternoon. Sunny with a max of 34. Wave height 1.4period 10 barometer 1008-1009.

High Tide 07.57 Low 01.29.


Same wind as Saturday however the temp reaches a max of 32 and the swell drops to 1.2 with a period of 9 and a dropping barometer 1012-1007.

High Tide 08.49 Low 02.12.


Last weekend a few of us went to Khosi Bay although we had thunderstorms and rain every day we managed to get some fishing done, it is one of the most amazing fishing spots I have been to, it was my second visit and every day you learn something new, new species for us was a puffer fish I must look it up, anyway back to our river. On Wednesday evening if you were trying to catch Shad in the surf you probably didn’t as a huge shoal came into the river as far as the main car park if not further up. Christo was on the water and capitalized on this incident and told us some of them were around 2kg, he also got a Diamond of 74kg last night. So there, the lagoon is full of surprises.


The water has cooled down quite a bit which should bring the fish on the bite. During the week some Diamonds were caught and going on into the weekend this should continue as we have good fishing weather with nice hot days. A Java was caught during the week weighing 112kg and a few sharks were dropped by having the cable bittern off as was the case with Mike yesterday afternoon on his first trip to the main beach while targeting Diamonds using a mac head he got stuck into a shark which bit he cable off. Some Shad and Snapper caught, these fish seem far more active in the morning than in the evening but the baby Spinners are back in a few weeks’ time they will be a bit bigger and fun to catch. Two of our ladies from the Angling Club are fishing Nationals in East London and today is the final day, they must be quiet tired as on Sunday during practice day they got 18 Raggies between them then Monday and Tuesday they struggled with weather and yesterday and today the weather eased off and let’s hope they finish with a bang.

Ski Boat

Conditions are great for fishing this weekend and some guys have gone out today and others are leaving now as it is high tide, I believe over the weekend Greg got 4 Couta in the Gerries area so head out there and try get 5.

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