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Fishing Reports

Fishing Report 28 November 2020

Fishing Report 28 January 2020


NE gusting 8 swinging to an E gusting 14 in the afternoon. Partly cloudy with a max of 27. Wave height 1.8-1.6 period 9 barometer 1014-1010.

High Tide 05.47 Low Tide 11.47.


NE gusting 6 swinging to an E gusting 11. Sunny with a max of29. Wave height 1.4-1.8 period 14 barometer 1009 to 1012.

High Tide 06.15 Low Tide ----.


 W gusting 19 then late morning it swings to a SW gusting 17 before settling late afternoon as a NE gusting 10. Cloudy with a max of 27. Wave height 1.6 period 13 barometer 1014-1012.

High Tide 06.44 Low Tide 00.56.



River Roman, what a great name for a River Snapper as these guys have got to rank as one of the top fish to catch in the river as Christo, Alvi and Ken can attest to, their biggest secrete and don’t tell anyone is patience and more patience as these guys are ambush predators and you have to tease them a bit to get them to attack. The water is b the river standards quiet clean as we have not really had any heavy rain.


An interesting weekend of fishing was had more like a tales of 2 halves. A lot of clubs were fishing postal and came up to Mtunzini to fish the various spots, the Banks produced Edibles but no big fish were landed although quiet of few Rockcod, Shat and Snapper were caught. The guys fishing Port Dunford area were disappointed however on the Sunday the club fishing to the North of Shangri-La beach got over a ton of Diamonds. From Friday through to Sunday morning the guys fishing main beach were rewarded with Shad, Snapper Kob and Pompanos with some small sharks in the mix. On Saturday evening just before the gates closed 3 guys arrived on the main beach, made a fire and settled down for a night nothing wrong with that if you paid your overnight fee but what angered the anglers who arrived for an early morning session was the fact they left their fire unattended and all their rubbish together with the carcases of several small sharks with their Heads and Tails cut off, they are so lucky the parks board did not catch up with them as being in position of a Shark in a MPA is forbidden.

Ski boat

Looking forward into the week Thursday looks a better day for fishing as the water is very murky close in and needs to settle. By the sounds of it quite a few boats are planning to go out. Let’s hope those targeting the shallow reefs for Snoek get some. Slow trawl a medium size Mac around the Gerries area and see if you can get a Couta bigger than Pieter’s.

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