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Fishing Reports

Fishing Report 24 January 2020

Fishing Report 24 January 2020

Weather for the weekend.


NW gusting 4 first thing then during the morning it swings to a NNE gusting 21 at its peak. Partly cloudy with a max of 30. Wave height 1.2-1.6 period 9 barometer 1012-1007.

High Tide 03.45 Low Tide 09.42 Dark moon spring.


NE gusting 25 first thing then the wind gradually drops to 17 by late afternoon. Another hot day with a max of 33. Wave height 1.7 to 1.9 period 7 barometer1008-1002.

High Tide 04.19 Low 09.42.


NE gusting 21 swinging to an E gusting 9 during the morning then later afternoon the SW Buster comes through gusting 36. Sunny for most of the day with rain forecast in the evening with a max of 38. Wave height 1.8 period 7 barometer 1003-999-1002.

High Tide 04.50 Low 10.48.


The lagoon was very busy this week and Christo caught the following species Ox Eye Tarpon, River Snapper, River Bream, Pick handle Barracuda, Brassy King Fish and Tilapia. Johan on the other hand caught a Hammerhead shark at the main car park, it was a little one but none the less it was good to see. They are known to come into Mangrove areas as juveniles and I think in a clean water environment, I am not sure about going up a muddy river with low salinity.


Although no big sharks were caught during the week 2 nice size Diamonds were caught yesterday Ken and Andries got one each fishing on the main beach. Banks have been quiet lately with mainly Spinners and Shad been caught. The catches of Snapper Kob are dropping although the Ski Boats are still making good catches. This weekend will be busy at all the spots as Zululand have a Postal Comp and Natal have a common venue (So I am told), With a quick change in weather coming on Sunday late afternoon I am guessing Sunday will see the fishing spots packed as it is defiantly the better of the 2 days to fish. Cars were broken into at Mboyeni yesterday so if you are fishing there take a guard or to until such time as the criminals are dealt with.


Ski Boat

Some guys have been going out over the last few days and have had some luck with Bonnies, Dorado and Tuna however as Sarel showed me his catch yesterday they are not very big, I was tempted to thaw out a box of Sardines to brag about my catch. There have been no reports of big catches of Snoek this week but the guys who are out there this morning must have been in with a good chance.

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