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Fishing Reports

Fishing Report 20 March 2017

Weather for the week.


SW swinging to S by the afternoon gusting 8 by late afternoon Max temp 26. Barometer starts 1021 before dropping off in the afternoon to 1019. Wave height 1.8 dropping to 1.5 by the afternoon, period 9.


Swirling winds, day starts off with a NW swinging N then NE, gusting 13 by the afternoon afternoon. Max temp 29 Barometer 0121 dropping slowly to 1018 Wave height 1.6 climbing to 1.9 period 10 going to 13.


NE swinging to an E gusty 19 by the late afternoon and then dropping going into the evening Max 32 Barometer starts of at 1014 and then drops slowly through the day to 1010 and then starts rising in the evening. Wave height 1.6m period 9.


NE swinging to an E gusting 21 by late afternoon, Max temp 32. Barometer 1010 dropping gradually to 1006, wave period 1.5 period 10.

Overall not too bad for the Surf and river fishing but the boats have one good window, this afternoon, through the night and tomorrow morning.



Had a great morning with the Kiddies, the fish came to the party with very nice size Spotted Grunter and River Bream caught, some real rod bending stuff on light tackle. Species caught Spotted Grunter, River Bream, Puffer fish x 2 species one of which is a Saddle Back, Javelin Grunter, Cape Moony, St Lucia pest or Tiger Fish and Cape Stumpy. Distanced cast were from about 3m to about 20m. Bait used Pink Prawn. Great fun was had by all and vouchers were handed out for 4 milk shakes and a large Pizza sponsored by the Clay Oven big thanks to Hennie, by the way the grub is very good there. The ladies and mums who fish the comp from 1-3 had a really tough time and were trying every trick in the book to get on the board, it seemed the fish only turned up for the morning session, the same stretch of beach 9 river frontage) was used. It was only into “injury time” when Debbie landed the winning fish, a River Gurnard. We anticipated the afternoon session to be as hectic as the morning session so we made a rule that we would add the centimeters up irrespective of species caught but 1-5th place were literally won on one fish each. Big thanks to Hyperpharm for sponsoring the prizes, well done Toeffie, when on your trip and you need something from the pharmacy, you will find it very well stocked with helpful friendly staff.


Not really sure what happened on Saturday morning as we were busy at the lagoon all day but judging by the wind it would appear it was a blow out and I think the amount of Anglers braaing and spending the remainder of the day at the lagoon will confirm that. The big South bust through late in the afternoon and a consequence yesterday was a blow out. This morning conditions are good in respect of wind and water colour. There are guys on the beach since early this morning and we waiting for news.

Ski Boat

From Bait sales made this weekend so far, we do not know if anyone went to see, on Saturday morning we saw 2 boats coming back from what looked like a sea trip but being so early I don’t think they caught anything or managed to get out. Will do more snooping on that.

News from the Shop.

Bait prawns are arriving sometime today with top ups to existing stock we will be full up with bait for the next few days. This will expand out bait collection to 11 kinds of bait. We have found a machine to enable us to pack bait into smaller quantities and will be trying that this week.

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