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Fishing Reports

Fishing Report 17 January 2020

Fishing Report 17 January 2020

Weather for the weekend.


NE gusting 19 swinging to an E in the afternoon. Sunny all day with a max of 33. Wave height 1.4 period 9 barometer 1008-1001.

High Tide 08.38 Low Tide 02.01 Neap tide.


W gusting 4 first thing in the morning then swings to a SW for the remainder of the day gusting 23 by the evening. Cloudy with rain in the afternoon and a max of 27. Wave height 1.4-2.4 period 9-7 barometer 1003-1005.

High Tide 09.47 Low 02.58.


SW gusting 24 first thing then it drops to 18 by the afternoon. Rain is forecast for most of the day with a max of 24. Wave height 2.4 period 9 barometer 1007-1012.

High Tide 11.14 Low 04.17.


A member of the public called in to say the people were setting up gill nets, the Rangers responded and the net was removed, the parks board really do appreciate the public’s support in removing those death traps. There have been reports for bust ups in the river this week which makes us think we should take some heavier tackle use bigger baits and see what is out there, we think they could be big Rays as a nice size Brown Sting Ray was caught not so long ago weighing 7 Kg. We are planning a trip to the lagoon this evening to what we can catch and how many species.


Firstly it looks like the Turtle eggs that were laid in November are not going to hatch, they were meant to have hatched on Tuesday night. The nest was monitored and there was no predator activity or poaching or maybe she did not lay any eggs at all. This week saw young Chris bagging 2 very big Zambezi sharks both been caught to the left of main beach, one weighed 327kg and the other was smaller at 209kg this the second shark had 7 Shad traces in its mouth leading to believe he was the culprit that bit the guys lines off on Tuesday night and Wednesday morning, kind of scary to think he was swimming in the surf zone while people were bathing. We think the Zambies are hungry because their main food source Diamond Rays are not here in big numbers so they are taking dead baits even Sardines. I am getting loads of calls and Watsup messages asking where are the Diamonds and when are they coming, I have no idea, we have had odd days when quite a few came out but after all this hot weather since New Year apart from 1 day at Port Dunford when they were on the boil the odd one has come out. There are lots of small Shad coming out I mean undersize Shad, I think this is because there are not many Diamonds here otherwise they would have eaten them, we have always said the Diamonds come into the shore zone to eat these little fellas.


Ski Boat

And then there was Pieter De Kok what a “Yster” on Wednesday he went out whilst launching he dinged his prop on a log but still returned home with a 33.8kg Couta which was recorded and put on the board, it is going to take some doing to beat that, it was caught at the “Bumps” ie Gerries, Pats and Edwards area. This week saw a lot a vessels heading out to sea as the Snoek were about and a lot of them however so were there plenty of sharks and some fish were lost to them but still nice to see the game fish are here. Bottom fishing was good with nice size Snapper Kob making part of the catches even pensioner Pat got into the action yesterday. Conditions are good again today but the weekend the weather turns for the worst.


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