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Fishing Report 13 January 2020

Fishing Report 13 January 2020


SW gusting 2 first thing swinging to a SE gusting 9 by late morning. Sunny with a max of 29. Wave height 1.3 period 9 barometer 1012-1009.

High Tide05.29 Low tide 11.32.


NE gusting 4 swinging midday to an E gusting 11 by the evening. Sunny with a max of 29. Wave height 1.3 period 9 barometer 1009-1011.

High Tide 06.12 Low Tide ----.


NE gusting 2 before swinging late morning to E gusting 11 by late afternoon. Sunny with a max of 30. Wave height 1.3 period 9 barometer 1011-1009.

High Tide 06.56 Low Tide 00.34.


 NE gusting 4 before swinging late morning to E gusting 13 by late afternoon. Sunny with a max of 30. Wave height 1.3-1.2 period 8 barometer 1011-1007.

High Tide 07.43 Low Tide 01.15.



On Saturday get got stuck into 2 very decent size River Snapper and yesterday his grandson caught a Pick handle Barracuda which was his first and not a bad size either, lots of other species were caught over the weekend making the lagoon the place to be, most of the catches were small Grunter. A few days ago we were talking about Grunter runs , I  think we still do but their numbers are so low nobody notices them, we do not catch many big ones so it is nice to see the amount of juvenile Grunter of all species in the estuary let’s hope they all make it to adult hood.


Surf fishing was awful this weekend with nothing really exciting caught, the Zululand angling clubs fished common venue at Port Dunford and not even a Diamond was caught, this could be to the water being too warm and it is. Main beach had a side wash and weed in the morning. I believe even the Banks were quiet, this is strange for this time of the year, I think it  was on Thursday that in the Port Dunford area a lot of Diamonds were caught then just like that they were gone.


Ski boat

There was plenty of action on Osprey this weekend with a Couta of 10.7kg boated Sjoen Davidson then caught a very nice size Indian Mirrorfish also known as a Threadfin Trevally, not to be out done Nanook boated Couta, Yellow fin Tuna, a nice size Dorado and a Sailfish although the bottom fish were not plentiful they were of a decent size and Mieka is on the board with a Slinger of 1.7kg ,Wit Oliphant also caught some Square Tail Kob and Rockcod ( most of the Rockcod were thrown back as they were just making size or smaller and no good to keep but also like the boats on Saturday they were taxed by sharks.  Antoinette on Havoc boated her first Dorado adding great excitement to the trip. This week we have consistently good weather for going deep sea fishing from the land the water looks good so many be more game fish will be caught in our waters.

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