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Fishing Reports

Fishing Report 30 December 2019

Fishing Report 24 December 2019


I have just got back from the banks and there is no wind and it is getting nice and hot. Wave height 1.5 period 8 barometer 1003-1001.

High Tide18.08 Low tide ----.


SW gusting 23 dropping to 16 in the afternoon. Partly cloudy with a max of 23 there is some rain forecast in the evening. Wave height 1. 5 Period 10 barometer 1008-1012.

High Tide 06.38 Low Tide 00.20.


W gusting 3 first thing then swings to a NE gusting 6 during the morning, in the early afternoon it swings to an E gusting 9. Partly cloudy with a max of 27. Wave height 1.7 period 12 barometer 1010-1007.

High Tide 07.17 Low Tide 00.55.


SW gusting 8 swinging to a SE gusting 10. Cloudy with a max of 25. Wave height 1.6 period 13 barometer 1010-1007.

High Tide 09.19 Low Tide 02.32.



Shad were back in the lagoon yesterday and they like the Pick Handle Barracuda like fleshy baits but your nylon does not like their teeth so if they are biting you off put a bit of wire on the hook, crabs sometimes break your line as well so if you get a slow pull followed by what appears to be fish biting could in fact be a Giant Mud Crab, reel him in slowly and store in your cool box, they make nice eating.


I was at the banks today and by the time I left there must have been about 100 people, 2 Diamonds near me were hooked and one land by Strini measured 184cm 57.56kg we nearly lost it on landing as the bite trace snapped. A 60lb bite trace is to light for a diamond use a heavy bite trace so you can land the diamond easier. 3 Traces were bitten off by what we suspect to be Raggies as they are known to nibble on baits and suck the whole trace in and when they move off you get your “bump” and its gone with the line snapping or breaking above the swivels. Shad were thick on the main beach this morning with most anglers making Quota some of them were a fair size, it seems early mornings are productive. I see people are struggling with the Hookies Sardines, they are very fresh but also very young or small a bit like lamb nice and tender, these are best used whole especially after they have defrosted and are a great size for casting for Shad.


Ski boat

At last a decent size Couta of 25 kg was caught in the bay by Rod Strech just behind the Wreck, great excitement we believe this could be the first caught in local waters this season. Today conditions looked very good for a trip out to sea apart from the Couta we have no more information except the guys going out are getting nice size bottoms but not a lot of them.

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