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Fishing Reports

Fishing Report 27 December 2019

Fishing Report 27 December 2019

Weather for the weekend.


SW gusting 28 first thing then settles to around 25 Light rain is forecast most of the day with a max of 23Wave height 1.2-2.6 period 9-6 barometer 1008-1018.

High Tide 04.25 Low Tide 10.21


SW gusting 16 before swinging in the afternoon to a SE gusting 8. There is some rain forecast in the morning with a max of 23. Wave height 2.4-1.5 period 9 barometer 1017-1013.

High Tide 04.59 Low 10.56.


NE gusting 18 dropping to 14 by the afternoon. Cloudy with rain forecast in the evening and a max of 26. Wave height 1.4 period 9 barometer 1009-1005.

High Tide 05.33 Low 11.30.


Yesterday afternoon cars were been turned away at the entrance of the park and this could be because the park had reached its capacity of 75 cars, this will probably happen again on New Year’s day when there is a huge influx of day visitors, to avoid this go in early i.e. before lunch time. The Pick Handle Barracuda are taking baits so it you are spinning or trawling put a short piece of wire on your lure or bye bye R70.00, they have very sharp teeth. Although the Stumpies are just making size they do not have much meat so if you don’t mind put them back so they can get bigger.


Yesterday we had guys fishing all over the place and it was nice receiving reports as the day went on. The main target was Diamonds of which few were caught however fishing in a South wind is not ideal for these specimens. Some nice big Shad were caught as well as Kob around 54 to 57 cm just not making size one of 72cm was reported. Chris managed a Java Shark of 88kg , these sharks are not very common and are very similar to a Zambie and one of the easiest ways to tell them apart is the first Dorsal Fin is 3.2 times longer than the second Dorsal Fin. Some Milkies were also reported so they seem to be back after a long absence. The Spotted Pompanos I have seen are a pretty decent size and they are more easily caught in shallow water or on sand banks try using a small rod and cast in maybe 20m with a number 1 hook even put 2 hooks if the wave pulls back and you bait is exposed leave it there as the Pompanos come in the then wave and even swim on their sides to fish, have fun.


Ski Boat

Nanook went out deep yesterday and they were rewarded with some Tuna which some they had to share with the tax man.  Unfortunatly the weather being as it is we are not getting much chance to go out and most trips are being done on the river trawling up and down and having a braai.

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