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Fishing Report 24 December 2019

Fishing Report 24 December 2019


NE gusting 14 swinging to an E gusting 13 during the afternoon. Sunny with a max of 35. Wave height 1.5-1.8 period 8 barometer 1005-1001.

High Tide 02.24 Low Tide 08.21.


W gusting 7 first thing then during the morning it swings S before settling as an E gusting7. Partly cloudy with a max of 30 with some rain in the evening. Wave height 1.5 period 9 barometer 1003-1001.

High Tide 03.08 Low Tide 09.04.


SW gusting 19 gradually dropping throughout the day to 9.Partly cloudy with a max of 28. Wave height 1.5 period 9 barometer 1003-1001.

High Tide 09.19 Low Tide 02.32. Dark moon spring high.



We now have the fattest fish in any estuarine system in SA and they are still feeding. There seems to be some confusion between a baby Brindle Bass and a Malabar Rockcod, the Brindle Bass has very yellow spots whereas the Malabar is coffee brown in colour on its spots and the black colouring is not as dark as the Brindle. Please remember the Brindle is a no take fish at all as it is listed as endangered and is protected by law. The Amatikulu River now that it is open is fishing well and you can get Sand Prawns there use some there and bring some back here to use in the lagoon or Surf.


Yes, yes, yes it is true the first multiple Diamond catch of the season occurred yesterday on the beach, great excitement. Keith got the biggest one reported so far this season of 64kg yesterday afternoon. Young Louis just landed one on the main beach this morning. Shad and Snapper Kob are the most common edibles been caught and this time of the year we have lots of juvenile sharks in the bay, please handle them with care. When targeting Diamonds the best traces are full or half metal jackets as we call them use a nice flesher bait with a circle hook and dongle to keep the bait on the hook as we don’t pack the bait on the hook. Chaps please stick to the size limits and keep your fish whole when leaving the beach, a fish has to be transported whole by law, you may gut it, so buy cutting the head off to “fool the parks board” is in fact fooling yourself. Declaring you’re chopped up fish a bait is a very “debaitable” subject and I suppose the correct thing would be with left over Shad for example is to lob it in the sea.

Ski boat

Jaco land a very big Black Muscle Cracker on Saturday we estimate it to be about 40 years old by the size of it, it is not often seen in these waters and gave a great fight, well done. Andre got a few Tuna this morning one of which was badly taxed by a decent size shark. As of yet the bay is very quiet on the game fish side but nice size bottom fish are being boated, it is not long and the Snoek will pop up, some were caught a few months ago but that appeared to be a false dawn.

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