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Fishing Report 21 December 2019

Fishing Report 21 December 2019

Weather for the weekend.


NE gusting 24 by the evening. Sunny with a max of 36. Wave height 1.4-1.8 period 10 barometer 1008-1003.

High Tide ---- Low 05-23.


SW gusting 27 first thing then drops during the day gusting 16 by the evening. Cloudy with a max24. Wave height 2.5-2 period 8 barometer 1016-1018-1016.

High Tide 00.35 Low 06.36.


The water colour is good and warm with the mouth been open and deep after the flood there will be a big tidal difference as we head to the spring tide. The juvenile fish as always are keen to take baits but if you want to catch big fish use big hooks with Chokka or Squid wrapped around a prawn or sardine even better use live Glassies or Mullet. Can the guys using boats to fish show consideration to the guys fishing from the banks and not go over their lines a few days ago a boat pulled a rod into the water, luckily the rod was retrieved however that prop has a lot of gut around it and can damage the gear box.


At last the big non eds made an appearance and in a spectacular way the first Big Zambie Chris hooked was taxed by 2-4 others about 50m from the beach then a guy further down the beach went on, we not sure what happened to him then Chris went on again only to have that one taxed again by know there was an estimated 8 big sharks swimming in the surf zone, eventually he was rewarded with one weighing 214kg. Another was landed at Port Dunford. One Thursday afternoon young Gerhard fishing with a harness had his winch broken although the tried running repairs with a massive fish on the end of the line they ended up losing it. For the edible anglers there are plenty of Shad and Snapper Kob to keep you busy, this morning I watched 3 guys catching them with river rods and having great fun doing it.


Ski Boat

Please show consideration to guys on anchor or fishing from the banks and make an effort not to ride over their lines, they have as much right as you do to use the river besides line around the prop shaft causes damage to the gear box. On the fishing side we see a lot of boats going to see and mainly bottoms are been caught and we don’t know of game fish caught in the bay. The bottoms consist mainly of Kob, Slinger and Soldiers with a lot of small Rockcod been caught, please put them back. It seems the shark activity on the beach was out at sea as where the Kob were so was the tax man.

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