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Fishing Reports

Fishing Report 17 March 2017

Weather for the weekend.

Friday Day starts with a N swinging to a NE gusting 20kts by the evening Max temp 30deg Barometer rather high at 1014 rising to 1015 then dropping to 1013 late in the afternoon Wave height 1.8 Period 11.


Ne swinging to an ENE gusting 20midafternoon dropping to 16 by the evening. Max temp 30 deg. Barometer starts at 1013 rising to 1014 before dropping to 1011 early evening Wave height 1.8 dropping to 1.5 by the evening. Wave Period 15. My pick of the weekend for fishing.


SW swinging to S gusting 23 in the morning, gradually dropping to 15 by the evening, Rain forecast in the morning and the evening Max temp 26. Barometer 1021 rising to 1023 before dropping back to 1021 in the evening Wave height 2.1 rising steadily to 2.4 late afternoon. Wave period 7-8.


SW swinging to S by the afternoon gusting 14 by late afternoon Max temp 24 with rain forecast midday. Barometer starts with a high of 1022 going to 1024 before dropping off in the afternoon to 1022. Wave height 1.7 period 9.



Swirling winds, day starts off with a WSW swinging W then SE finishing on a E gusting 10 by late afternoon. Max temp 27 Barometer 0121 dropping slowly to 1018 Wave height 1.6 climbing to 1.9 period 10 going to 13.


Overall not a bad weekend for River and surf fishing but the boats will have a tough time.



Fishing well again after the big rains. On Saturday in the morning we have the Kiddies Clinic from 9-11 and the Ladies and Mums comp in the afternoon from 1-3pm. I would not be surprised if by the end of the day we will be in double figures on the species count. We fishing the main car park area. This will be the last clinic for the kiddies as the 1 April is their first comp. Best baits for the lagoon are big Glasy’s and small mullet followed by lures , Pink Prawn and Red Eye. The Stone wall area on the incoming tide is fishing well, Kingy’s been the main target species together with River Snapper. The whole near the N@ bridge is a great spot for between tides, good for Cob, River Snapper and River Bream.


Take a scratching stick with you , using Red Eye , Baby Mac’s or a Spoon to catch a Shad, Slide it and hang on, the big Flat fish are still here, don’t discount sharks so bring you’re a game. Edibles are still about in the gully just behind the shore break or on the flat bit where the shore break, breaks. Snapper Cob, Shad, Spotted Pompano and Square Tail Cob are awaiting your finely prepared Chokka Red Eye combo. Flatties in the Bay, Diamonds and big Honeys together with the odd big Brown and Duckbill. Sharks, Sandies, Greys , Bull and the odd Raggie ( I believe the females are heavily pregnant and are not feeding, some info on this would be appreciated).

Ski Boat

Going to be a bit bumpy but for those of you fishing the Cape to Rio at Vidal next weekend it is your last chance to get the boat onto the water and test your gear out. The water is clearing up from the weekend storm so practice your Couta Skills , try trawling a Sugar Mac and Jap Mac , see what works best. Tuesday was the best day to fish but it was a shocker not from swell size but fish not feeding despite good showings on the fish finder.

News from the Shop.

Our fish tank is up and running and tomorrow we going to get specimens to put in the tank. Our bait fridge is packed with 9 different types of bait, 1kg boxes of Sard have gone up and we are hoping it is a blip and we holding our prices to the old price. Here is a list of our bait family. 3x Mac, 3 x Squid 2 x Sard and bottled Anchovy oil. Bait flew out of the shop yesterday afternoon, having to do an emergency run today for the weekend.

Weather forecast for this weekend.


Wind SW swing to S and then SE late afternoon gusting to a max of 10kts. Wave height starts the day at 1.5m dropping to 1.4m. Temperature reaches a high of 28deg C. Barometer starts off at 1013 dropping to 1010.


Wind N with a gentle swing to NE gusting to a max of 24kts by late afternoon. Wave height starting at 1.4m and climbs to 1.8m later in the day. Temperature will exceed 35 deg and be very humid. Barometer starts at 1009 dropping to 1003


Wind starts of as a NE but swings throughout the day to a SW late afternoon and gusts up to 29kts by late afternoon, we call this a “Baby Buster”. Wave height stars where it left of on Saturday 1.8m dropping to 1.7m by late afternoon.

In my opinion best fishing days are Friday and Saturday, with a earl morning session on Sunday Monday morning. Barometer starts at 1002 dropping to 1000.


Coming up to Spring Tide on Saturday will see a lot of water movement and with the pushing tide must cause a increase in fish activity. I cannot think of a better place to take the family for a picnic as high tide is later afternoon. The summer fish are still high and what more can you get then catching a little king fish on light tackle with a chop grilling away in the back ground.


With the tide as it is over the weekend the “Banks” is the place to be, we have had guys popping in the shop discussing strategy and topping up on bait and tackle, this weekend is going to produce some big fish, the tide is ideal as low tide is just after 10. Book your space now. Kokstad Angling club have chosen the stretch from Doggies to the Main Beach, which I agree with due to the mix of anglers they have with them. They will also stand a chance for the “heavy anglers” to get stuck into some nice fish.

Ski Boat.

Friday and Saturday or looking very good for launching from the mouth. Wave height is user friendly as is the Barometer on Friday, Saturday early morning but Sunday not very good. Water colour is looking good so with conditions favourable to go out is a must. Earlier in the week the birds were not working and let’s hope this changes and the all inactive game fish come to the party.


Tight Lines.

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