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Fishing Reports

Fishing Report 6 December 2019

Fishing Report 06 December 2019

Weather for the weekend.


By now the NE should be gusting 16 but it is not then at midday it should gust 13, we shall see. Cloudy with a max of 27. Wave height 2.5 dropping to 2.1 period 14 barometer 1012-1004.

High Tide ---- Low 05.23.


SW gusting 2 first thing then at around 9am it picks up gusting 21 before settling to gust at 13. Partly cloudy with a max of 27. Wave height 1.7-1.4 barometer 1003-1006.

High Tide 00.27 Low 06.34.


SW gusting 7 then mid morning it swings to a SE gusting 8. Cloudy with a max of 24.Wave height 1.4-1.1 period 11 barometer 1007-1006.

High Tide 01.18 Low 07.20.


Lots of action been happening all week, we went down last night during load shedding and the lagoon was dead quiet not even a ripple on the water, it goes like that otherwise there would be no challenge. A variety of fish have been caught mainly small ones but fun none the less, high tide is around midday so morning sessions will be the best time. Remember the slipway is 2 hrs behind the sea so you should have incoming water till the early afternoon in saying that the water should be going out till around 9am.



A bit of back ground to the Sard in the shop freezer. The net was boated just before midnight on Saturday night, the water temp was 21 deg and by 5 am they were packing and freezing them. They are small Sardines and do not make a very good fillet bait so best use in chunks, whole or with Chokka even wrapping the fillet around a small dongle will help. While fishing was slow this due to the fact most anglers melt in the rain and get blown away in the wind we tend not to fish in those conditions which thankfully are passed us. The sea is on its head at the moment however we are still planning a trip to the Old Ramp and then the Banks tomorrow. The Ski boat guys need some help from the shore anglers fishing to the right of the main beach, if you see a boat waiting to come in and kids are playing in the surf please ask them to move away and give them the thumbs up, it is very difficult to spot them from the backline due to the wave action as once they committed they got to come in. We are actually fishing in the launch site and we are lucky there is no friction between the 2 groups unlike other places please keep it like this, if need be reel in your line for a few minutes.


Ski Boat

Looking at the register this morning it does not look like there has been much fishing going on however Sarel nipped out of Richards Bay and got himself some nice Dorado, Sunday looks like the better day for fishing over the weekend. In the Surf section I asked the anglers to help when boats are coming out on the beach, circle a few times to make your intention clear you are coming in and they will give you the thumbs up when you are good to come in, they can clear bathers out of the way for you.

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