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Fishing Report 2 December 2019

Fishing Report 02 December 2019


NE gusting 9 reaching its peak at 25 by the late afternoon. Sunny with a max of 35. Wave height 1.4 period 13 barometer 1008-1001.

High Tide 06.58 Low Tide 00.36.


SW gusting 24 reaching its peak of 30 by the late afternoon. Cloudy with some rain in the evening with a max of 24. Wave height 1.7-3.2 period 7 barometer 1002-1015.

High Tide 07.466Low Tide 01.17.


SW23 first thing then drops around midday gusting 16. Cloudy with rain forecast all day and a max of 18. Wave height 3.1-2.4 period 9 barometer 1021-1020.

High Tide 09.00 Low Tide 02.11. Neap tide.


SW gusting 10 then swinging early afternoon to a E gusting 5. Cloudy with some rain in the morning with a max of 21. Wave height 2.1-2.3 period 14 barometer 1020-1015.

High Tide 10.49 Low Tide 03.36.



Needle Scale Queenfish, Malabar Rockcod, Shad, Bartail, brassy Kingfish, River Bream and River Snapper not a bad collection of species caught buy the same angler young Ken on Saturday afternoon at various places, of all the species caught he caught more than one of, well done Ken.


Of all the fish caught over the weekend the stand out must be the biggest Milky myself and most others have seen Desmond got it in front of the Chalets of Friday afternoon. The Shad were full up as they say but the majority not making size yet, they are fast growers and need to eat like crazy to get out of the food chain as are the baby Hammers. Other species caught were Spinners and Snapper Kob however Prof bagged about a 4kg Square Tail Kob at Doggies yesterday evening on an old Red Eye, he was the only one there, see what we missed out. Diamonds have been on the go slow and I am not sure any were caught even at the Banks, although some Browns came out.

Ski boat

Action took Nanook out of Richards’s Bay on Saturday morning and returned with some nice Tuna. The guys tried to launch out of the mouth but the surf was up with close periods so after watching the conditions they returned to the slipway, I am not sure of the jet skis made it out as I know Louis never went but Merriman was going to.

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