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Fishing Report 04 November 2019

Fishing Report 4 November 2019


SW gusting 8 with a light rain forecast in the morning. Cloudy with a max of 22. Wave height 1.3 period 12 barometer 1020-1013.

High Tide 08.17 Low Tide 01.39. Neap Tide


NE gusting 17 first thing then dips to 13 before picking up to 25 by the evening. Partly cloudy with a max of 31. Wave height 1.7-2.3 period 16 barometer 1015-1008.

High Tide 10.45 Low Tide 03.04.


NE gusting 23 dropping to 17 by the evening. Partly cloudy with a max of 38. Wave height 2-2.2 period 15-12 barometer 1005-999.

High Tide ---- Low Tide 05.36. Big Jump Tide.


SW gusting to 23 dropping to 13 mid morning before picking gusting 17 by the evening. Cloudy with rain forecast in the evening with a max of 25. Wave height 1.7 period 11 barometer 1004-1012.

High Tide 05.12 Low Tide 11.13.



I think with the rugby on and everybody was “braaied out” so to speak it seems not many people fished the lagoon, there were some visitors yesterday that popped in for bait on their way down but I did not here if they made catches or not.


Great action happened on the main beach and in front of the Chalets with lots of Diamonds caught over the weekend mainly at night together with small Hammer head Sharks, Spinner Sharks , Milky Sharks, Snapper Kob of which one was taxed, most of the Diamonds were in the 30-40kg range however there is a report of one around 70kg. A 100cm Zambie was also caught but it was pointed out it could be a Sand Bar Shark, from looking at the picture I cannot tell however a very interesting catch none the less. Thank you Shaun, Rafique and Neil for the reports as well as Tomo’s mates who fished the main beach with him. The little Hammers can be a pest but remember they got to eat like mad to get big so they can get out of the food chain, that is why like Spinner Sharks seem to hide in the surf zone please bear with them and don’t kill them as I have seen here and a beach to the south of Mtunzini.

Ski boat

Gert took his son and his sons friend for a quick trip as they were expecting a big SW which did come through, apart from catching a Soldier and some Slinger they also photographed and released a first time species for the boat, we identified it as a Big Eye Stumpnose, these are found in our waters however are not common they do not grow very big and have a maximum size of about 1.5kg.

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