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Fishing Report 1 November 2019

Fishing Report 1November 2019

Weather for the weekend.


NE all day gusting 27 by the late afternoon. Partly cloudy with a max of 25. Wave height 1.8 period 12 barometer 120-1013.

High Tide 05.56 Low 11.54.


NE gusting 33 dropping throughout the day till gusting 18. Partly cloudy with a max of 29. Wave height 2 period 8 barometer 1009-1004. Go Bokke.

High Tide 06.32 Low 00.16.


SW gusting 22 before swinging at midday to a SE gusting 13. Partly cloudy with a max of 24. Wave height 1.6 period 7. Barometer 1010-1016.

High Tide 07.14 Low 00.52.


There is still a lot of water in the lagoon during high tide which is a good thing as it allows fish to get to feeding spots that they would not be able to normally, I think this is because of the rain we have had and we have more to come. Here is a good chumming tip, take an old sardine and mash it up, mix it with sand so the sand absorbs the blood and through it into the water and 2m at the most fish that area and see how many species you can get, 7 is a good number.



For the past few weekends Raggies and Diamonds have been caught although not in great numbers they are out there, so far the biggest Diamond reported to the shop this season is 186cm caught by young Hansie. On the edible side catches of Kob and Tiger Tooth Croaker are been made with the odd Pompano thrown into the mix. Spinners and Hammer Heads are very quick to the bait carry on fishing as you are fishing in the feeding zone and something else will come along and grab your bait.

Ski Boat

Not a lot of fishing has been happening due to the weather but who would have said today was a good day to go out the NE is supposed to be gusting 33 but it is not even blowing at all. Not a lot of people seem to know we are fishing in a Marine Protected Area which extends from the Port Dunford Light House till near Tinley Manor, the area of the Tugela Banks is totally restricted for fishing and the area at High Point is Pelagic only. You may not be in position of any of the Elasmobranchii family at all not even for bait.

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