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Fishing Report 21 October 2019

Fishing Report 21 October 2019


SW gusting 16 first thing peaking around 19. Partly cloudy with rain forecast in the evening with a max of 23. Wave height 1.7 to 1.4 period 7 barometer 1008-1005-1008.

High Tide 07.59 Low Tide 01.36. Neap Tide.


SE gusting 18 swinging to an E in the afternoon gusting 8. Cloudy with some rain in the morning and a max of 16. Wave height 3-3.3 period 10-14 barometer 1017-1010

High Tide 10.17 Low Tide 03.10. Big jump tide.


NE gusting 33 before swinging to a SW gusting 36 (Mini Buster). Sunny with a max of 36. Wave height 2.5-2.2period 12 barometer 1002-994.

High Tide 01.28 Low Tide 07.37.


SW gusting 6 swinging to a SE gusting 7. Partly cloudy with a max of 24. Wave height 2.2-1.8 period 10barometer 1010-1005.

High Tide ---- Low Tide 05.41.



The lagoon was busy with lots of species been caught namely River Bream, Spotted Grunter, Javelin Grunter, St Lucia pest or Tiger, River Gurnard and a nice size Baby Honey Comb Ray.  When handling any Ray please do not put your fingers in its Nostril (Spiracles) they are not handles nor must you turn them over, pull them out of the water just far enough to handle  them then using the line lift its head up enough so you can get a finger or 2 in its mouth to remove the hook, failing that just cut  the line as close to the hook as possible and let it go, in the ideal world one should squash the barbs when river fishing this does not lead to the loss of fish but makes hook removal so much easier. It is a myth that using barbless hooks causes you to loose fish, ask the anglers in the UK were barbs have been banned for some time, they still catch fish.


Apart from the action in front of Forest Lodge on Friday night9it was suspected Raggies were getting the better of the anglers) it was a very quiet fishing weekend with only Rats and Mice been caught early in the morning. Saturday afternoon was a dead loss so to speak in the 3 hrs I was on the beach a Spinner came out way to the left of us. Chris had just put a big bait out about 300m from the main beach when a ski boat driving on backline passed us and picked up his line after a brief fight the Ski boat bust off.

Ski boat

On Saturday a lot of boats and Jet Skis went out and very little fish were caught however Sarel managed to catch some Tuna and a Dorado. Sunday it was a different story Mathias and Merrimen went to the wreck first thing and were rewarded with Natal Snoek (Queen Mackerel) they were around 7kg apparently they were the only 2 vessels there, they were back in time to watch the rugby. Louis managed to get his first Brown Spotted Rockcod which is a rare species in our waters, he estimated it at 50cm and put it back, all of this species under 30cm are female and they grow to about 70cm, 30cm specimen weights about 1.5kg.

Next events.

We are getting in some nice bait this week, Big 30cm plus Mac’s, throw size Mac’s, some 30cm plus Chokka as well as nice Sard. The Chokka is excellent quality like we have not had for a long time and it was caught this season plus it is a lot cheaper than our previous stock.

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