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Fishing Report 18 October 2019

Fishing Report 18 October 2019

Weather for the weekend.


NE gusting 15 first thing then the wind drops before swinging to a ESE  gusting 5 then settles to a NE gusting 10. Sunny with a max of 31. Wave height 1.9-1.7 period 7 barometer 1009-1006.

High Tide 05.42 Low 11.42.


Again a day of swirling wind with a SW gusting 8 swinging to a SE gusting 6 settling with a E gusting 9. Sunny with a max of 29. Wave height 1.4-1.2 period 7 barometer 1010-1006.

High Tide 06.16 Low 00.08.


NE gusting 7 first thing then the wind swinging late morning gusting 19 at its peak. Partly cloudy with a max of 28. Wave height 1.2 period 8 barometer 1005-1004-1008. Go Bokke.

High Tide 03.25 Low 09.29.


Firstly a reminder about sea snakes in the lagoon, another was caught during the week they have yellow bellies and green upper body, just cut the line and let it go back into the water, don’t try  handle it. The water colour is still good so if fishing in the mouth area be alert for a Diamond giving you a good hiding.  High tides in the early evening makes a afternoon session with a braai a good choice.



Yesterday was the best day this week as will today and tomorrow, there was some little fish caught during the early part of the week but nothing to shout about. Yesterday a small group got  species of fish ( Catface Rockcod, Spinner shark, Moray Eel and a Snapper Kob) and 2 shark baits were picked up and they lost them both, one we suspect was a Raggie as the line was bittern off way above the steel. One of the spinner catches was a double up and they got attached by something on the way in. We have had very hot days for the last 3 days and usually after a hot spell the diamonds make an appearance so far most of the Diamonds have been caught on the home beaches.


Ski Boat

Tomorrow looks good for a session in the morning. The N wind has cleaned the water up somewhat and is no longer green, I hear plans for some game fishing good luck chaps go for it.

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