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Fishing Reports

Fishing Report 13 March 2017

Weather forecast for this week.


Day starts off with a NW swinging to NE at midday morning starts with a gentle breeze and only starts gusting to 17 late afternoon. Max temp 27. Barometer starts at 1014 and drops through the day to 1008. Wave height 1.7m dropping to 1.5 late afternoon. Period 11


Max temp 32, wind NE swinging by lunch time to a SW gusting 25kts Barometer starts of at 1004 dropping to 1002 before climbing to 1011 through the day. Wave Height 1.6 climbing to 2.2m, period 11.


Max temp 25, wind SE gusting 20kts dropping t 7kts by early evening. Barometer starts 1011 rising to 1015 by midday then dropping to 1012 early afternoon. Wave height 2.4 dropping to 2. Period 11



Was fishing well on Saturday and those who braved the wind on Sunday would have had results, from the main carpark, decent size Squaretail Cob, King Fish and River Bream were caught also a massive Slender Moray Eel more than 1.5m together with some River Crabs ( Scalia). Bait used were Red Eye and Pink Prawn.


Side wash and weed di not deter the anglers and beside Flat Fish, edibles were about but low in numbers. Some guys were on Doggies shooting baits out with a tube but we not sure if they were successful. Saturday weather wise turned out a nice hot day. Today we have massive swell left over from yesterday and the water looks to be full of weed, as the sea calms down so will the side wash and weed. Yesterday morning early before the wind came through an angler was rewarded with a nice Diamond at Doggies.

Ski Boat.

Not a good weekend for fishing in the bay and as a result nobody launched. Tomorrow we know of 1 boat going out heading south to Gerries with the idea of coming back with the wind, otherwise the rest of the week does not look good for fishing in the bay, but who knows.

News from the Shop.

We have just been given a fish tank and are going to stock it with fish from the river…….they will be our pets and not for live bait so don’t ask hahahaha. Thanks to all the support we have we started the shop with 73 line items, we are now on 338 and climbing, we got all the basics its now about caring other brands so anglers have more choice.

Tight Lines.

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