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Fishing Reports

Fishing Report 3 October 2019

Fishing Report 3 October 2019

Weather for the weekend.


W gusting 4 first thing then swings to a NNE gusting 16 early in the afternoon. Sunny with a max of 33. Wave height 1.6 period 7 barometer 1011-1004.

High Tide 06.52 Low 00.41


SW gusting 20 for most of the day settling to an S gusting 7 by the evening. Partly cloudy with a max of 24. Wave height 1.3 period 7 barometer 1016-1014.

High Tide 07.34 Low 01.18. Neap Tide


NE gusting 24 picking up to 29 by the late afternoon. Partly cloudy with a max of 35. Wave height 1.6-2.1 period 16-6 barometer 1010-1004.

High Tide 08.52 Low 02.10.


On Saturday the Honorary Office are putting up some information boards at the start of the Mangrove walk, Dune forest walk and the entrance to the Main beach, stop and read them and then see if you can find during your walk what is on the boards. They are also putting up to information boards and Brindle Bass, please read them and take note, they are not pretty Rockcod. The rain we had in the week has not affected the colour of the water so the little Honeycomb Rays will still be there to keep you occupied, please handle them with care as they are babies.



Fresh Chokka arrived just now, this is from the first catch of the this season, and you can’t get fresher than that. The Honorary Officers are planting receptacles to put you used line in on the beach please anglers use them for old line and not for bait boxes and best of all don’t take them home. No Non Eds came out this week here partly due to the fact 3 days of fishing were lost to bad weather, Edibles caught on the main beach were Spotted Grunter, Pompano, Catface Rockcod and Snapper Kob, Don’t forget Shad season is closed.


Ski Boat

It looks like tomorrow will be a good day to go out and I know of 3 boats planning a trip. It sounds like everyone is going to have a bash at Snoek and do some bottoms. The weather for the remainder of the weekend does not look good for Ski Boat fishing.

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